Stuttery motion with CoreELEC and OLED TV

Sorry for old thread bump, but a simple ‘donation’ search brought me here. I’m now on my second box which works perfectly with CoreELEC.
4k, hdr, Atmos etc passthrough to avr. I’ve asked questions to problems in the past and always been able to sort any issues using the answers received.
What can I say? Thanks!!! And keep up the good work.

I’ve acquired a PS4 controller recently with a view to occasionally using the emuelec add-on. I was a little mind blown to find that I didn’t have to do anything…it just worked! Connected via cable and that established Bluetooth connection… brilliant!

My only gripe now has nothing to do with CoreELEC or Kodi. It’s the LG Oled and it’s ‘intelligent’ motion correction.

My old 24p Panasonic plasma looked great at 1080p/24.

This bloody Oled, with the truemotion looks butter smooth with it enabled but you end up with distracting artifacts all over the place. Turn truemotion off and it’s nowhere near as smooth as the plasma was. PQ is brilliant, I’m just not convinced that 24p works like it should. Can’t have it all I suppose.

On my LG Oled I have 3 settings for 1080/24p: “Real Cinema” (Off), “Dejudder” (2) and “Deblur” 0. With these settings I have no problems reproducing 1080p/24 content from my USB drive connected to my N2.

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