Subtitle stutter 8.90.3

I do not know why the dirtyregions not work(get rid of subtitle stutter) for my odroid c2 and S905D box, Yes,used dirtyregions settings,it raised cputemp, so It’s means the dirtyregions settings is correct. but not useful for subtitle stutter,When in a video subtitle stutter appears,it‘s not happended in the whole video, sometimes stutters and sometimes not ,but really annoying。

Try with these lines in advancedsettings.xml


On my X92_S912 box “smart redrow” line lowers CPU temp in idle.

If it does not work for you, get a better cooling method for your box. With some work on my CPU cooling system I lowered the temp from 70°C to 50°C…

This method is only needed for S912 boxes. There is something else going on with your box.

I have already tried those settings - as per the post you quoted.
Chucking extra cooling at the system is a band-aid fix, SSH into your box and check the CPU usage for the kodi.bin process.
Is it high - like 50% at idle? If so these settings are causing issues at the root level.

Extra cooling on 99% of these cheap chinese boxes is necessary, because factory coolers are not adequate.If they were, then 100% CPU usage would not bring temperatures over 70°C.

The only cheep S912 boxes with proper cooling are Minix, all the rest have inadequate solutions. On Minix UH9 the temp with 100% CPU load never goes over 65°C.

50% CPU usage (on my box it varies from 5-40%) at idle doesn’t bother me at all, as does the subtitle stutter.

Maybe I found something, I found when cpu’s core#3 always working at 100%, then no subtitle stutter issue.

Your not still using 8.90.3 ?? If you wish to report an issue , the Devs won’t respond to old versions.

no, I use the last nightbuild 20190221. the issue has never been fixed in leia.

Why didn’t you post in Nightlies ??

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