Subtitle stutter 8.90.3

I noticed Subtitle stutter when Playing videos with subtitles enabled causing dropped frames.

I tried add code into advancedsettings.xml file



but stutter still noticeable.

with LibreELEC-Odroid_C2.arm-8.2-rb-krypton19 ,no such isuss.

Nobody confirmed this subtitle stutter issue but me?

No, there is no subtitle stutter on my X92_S912 box with default settings -> that is NO lines for dirty regions in advancesettings.xmln are needed any more.

Dirty regions parameter is already set to 0 by default in /usr/share/kodi/system/advancedsettings.xml

I am very sensitive for the stutter, and l back to RB19, waitting for the next build.
Thanks for the team development

I notice that the problem has returned to version 8.95. : /

Try latest version 8.95.0
With disabled “dirty regions” I have no subtitle stutter ever since I started using it…

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Thank you. I was wrong, I have the latest version. Still need to do some manipulation in the files?

Yes, this feature was disabled by default some releases ago, because temperature will increase in idle state.
If you need it you can enable it manually as it was before.

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Yes, make “advancedsettings.xml” file and put it in .userdata folder with this text:


Reboot when finished and check your CPU temps in idle state. When playing files the CPU temperature has no significant increase with this setting.

Thank you very much ! I see it more clearly.

For increased CPU temperature in idle reason, which is for some cheep boxes a BIG problem!

Ok, thanks.
I take advantage of your awakening to ask you: the problem of offset (500ms) Eac3 tracks is known?

Don’t know about that. Don’t have an E-AC3 capable receiver so don’t use it…

I always notice Subtitle stutter in coreelec build,I uploaded a sample file for checking
Coreelec-C2-S905-subtitle stuter.mkv

I tried upload the logfile in coreelec,but all failed. So I uploaded it to MEGA.

This sample file has no stutter in RB19 build.

If you bring out the “player debug info” on screen (ctrl+shift+o), you will see the number counting of skip and drip when subtitle displays.

RB 19 build means?


and it’s no matter with whitelist settings。

I guess this only happens on Odroid. I have a chinese s905x box and there is not stutter

But I also noticed on a S905D BOX. It will drop a frame just when subtitle displaying. if you disabled subtitle or no subtitle shows, no stutter.

I fresh new install 8.95.2, playback the sampl file, I uploaded new kodi.log to MegaKodi.log.

The Subtitle stutter issue still present on the last nightbuild.

This issue not happened on all video files but some kind.

So I upload a sample.mkv and here is the logofiles

Developer please take a look and try to fix this.Please,Please ,Thanks a lot.

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