Support added for S905X2, S922X and A311D!

I am booting from SD card put in USB adapter using the USB3 slot. Just as you. It does not boot from SD card in STB. My home wireless is working .

Thank you for that information.
Hopefully for wireless on my device it is just a driver not included.
Also it seems when the problem is found for the SD card boot it should correct both devices.

If you can do it, or find a teardown of this box and take a picture of the Wifi chip, that would help.
It’s likely that a driver is simply missing.

I read it again and cant find it. Pls help

This is the best I could get … 8189ETY or maybe 8189ETV

You can try this 2 files. It possible you have remote the same as for x92 box
remote.conf (3.4 KB) copy it to \\IP\Configfiles
keymaps.xml (4.0 KB) copy it to \\IP\Userdata\keymaps

Descriptions for buttons here in remote session(check if you remote looks the same):

whitch version dtb.img are you using mine isn´t booting

I did try my old MCE remote (with usb dongle) and it works. So I did found in Coreelec configuration that no network connection is available (ethernet and wireless). Therefore I cannot access to Coreelec via Samba. Thank you for your help. I have downloaded your files and wait for a network connection to be available in future nightly builds.

I am using the one labelled for s905x2 in the tree folder. But only boots from the SD to USB adapter non from STB.

As I understand it there is only a DTB for the 2GB device in the dtb tree presently, so some changes will probably be needed to produce one for the 4GB device that you have.

ok wait for some one to do that.
anable to maque it boot.
try micro sd, and pen usb no luck

Do you have the same box as users above?

Tested on x96max 4/32g, (S905X2) fails to boot from sd card (Black screen), boots from SD card adapter via USB2 slot, no ethernet (1000mb port) or wifi. been using balbes150
Libreelec version on this box, so really please to see CE support coming to this device, Great work team!

Yes, x96max 4/32g

@Mobigeek, @ragico
4gb S905x2 users could try this dtb
g12a_s905x2_4g.dtb (71.3 KB)
if it works than please check ethernet

Edit: new link until it will be available in nightly:

try it in pen usb in port usb2 and 3 don´t boot, sd card don´t boot to.

did you rename it to dtb.img?

yes rename it to dtb.img

What method are you using for first start?
If Toothpick method doesn’t work for you, you can try Terminal Emulator method

i use Terminal Emulator method, i will try Toothpick. and report.