Support for Amlogic gxlx_p261 board request

Hello, devs of COREELEC. Thanks for your effort on Amlogic S905 serial Android boxes.
I have an S905W Android box with blue tooth and dual band WIFI. Its board is gxlx_p261.
Can you support this box?
I’ve tried Armbian and it works flawlessly.
So can you add dtb.img of gxlx_p261 from Armbian?
Thank you very much. You guys are the saviors of Amlogic Android TV on ELEC system.

Why not give it a try?

Sorry, my fault. it is gxlx_p261.
Armbian supports it, but COREELEC not.
Any solution?

I can’t find any information on this, you need to use gxl_p281 for S905W boxes.

Sorry, it is not a S905W Andorid TV box, but a S905L one.
And using gxl_p281 doesn not boot the box, :frowning:

Can you extract original dtb and upload it please

Look here for more info Extracting .dtb file from a running Android OS

S905L = gxl_p211

Nope. My S905L box uses gxlx_p261, not gxl_p211.
I have confirmed it.

I believe you only if you post here dtb from the original Android OS, or the bootloader log :wink:

Sure. I have done it. But as a new user, I can not upload it here.
I have uploaded it here:
Please check it out. Thank you very much.

it is multi-dtb-file, this contains the following dt-id

gxbb_p201_1g -> S905
gxbb_p201_2g -> S905
gxl_p211_1g -> S905L
gxl_p211_2g -> S905L
gxl_p215_1g -> S905B
gxl_p215_2g -> S905B
gxlx_p261_1g -> ?

I dont know. I have attached the pic, as you can see.

You haven’t told us what your device is?

It is an S905L Android TV box named MIGUHEZI MGV2000.

This device is p211, no source exists for the dtb so we are unable to add support for it.

I upload the gxlx_p261 image to this link: code: cjngsy
Could you help to add support for it? Thanks

Also have this box

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