Support for XORO HST 260 S

I have this Box it has an internal DVB-S2 Tuner. Here is the original dtb file from the Android image:

pls can anyone help me get this Box running with the tuner on CoreElec?

If you still can you should return this box. It’s unlikely that someone can write a DVB tuner driver for this box.

ill send it back and buy a KII PRO

nothing new about the dvb-s2 of this tv box?

A friend, has asked me if it would be possible to operate the dvb-s2 internal of the xoro HST260S on coreelec?

I leave you the dmesg and the dtb of android:
XORO 260 (31.8 KB)

@afl1 I mention to you, because I believe that you are the one that takes the subject of dvb in coreelec. I hope you do not mind.

Sorry, this box hasn’t CE support for internal DVB-S2 tuner.

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@afl1 Is there the possibility that we send you one so you can study if support is possible?

Hi folks, has anyone yet asked Xoro/MAS if they would contribute the sourcecode of their android dvb driver to the community? I assume this would help to implement one in coreelec.
The box isn’t that new anymore and such a step would improve their reputation.
Because the stock android os is really…lets say they meant it well but failed :wink: .

If no one did and you think it makes sense and is worth a try, I would volunteer to ask.

One addition: It would really help if there would be a hint that there is no dvb support before downloading the coreelec image. If the box is listed as supported, I generally assume that the core features are working :slight_smile: