I leave here a tip for those considering buying an SBC card and want to have live TV.
Some images from TBS in use below.
I am testing on KI Pro.

I had some problems with usb hub hardly happened sometimes TBS disappeared from Tvheadend. solution
(exchange usb hub supply with a 5V, 2A supply)
Because the original hub source is only 5V, 1A

After a few days of testing it seems that everything worked just like the original tuner.

Configured and operated ISDB-T / DVB-S channels
I don’t have DVB-C in my city for testing.

Used usb hub. Surely there are better hubs

Grateful big help.@afl1
I was surprised how TBS did the channel search in seconds.
She is the size of a credit card.
You cannot forget to activate the crazycat driver.


With the 12V - 3A adapter and two USB cables, the TBS5520S works perfectly.

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Good friend tell me more details on how you did this installation!
I use a 5V, 2A adapter

TBS5520SE specifications Input power: 5V / 5W and not 12V.
Not running the risk of burning the same using 12V?
Where does the 12V, 3A adapter connect?

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I use the 12 Volt 3 amp adapter instead of the original 12 volt 2 amp adapter.
USB cable own dual original cable.I am using dual usb.

Ignore, your solution is good. You are both using a 5V power for your TBS5520SE through a USB port (@crazyturk distributes the charge in two USB ports).

KI Pro is powered by 12V 1A and Beelink S922X is powered by 12V 2A, in both cases it is sufficient but nothing happens if you put a power supply higher.

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With the GT King Pro 12 volt 2 amps, there were problems with the operation of the tuner.The tuner was occasionally disabled.When the 12 volts increased by 3 amps, the tuner’s operation improved.

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Device GT King pro+TBS5520SE+CrazyCat.
Examples from Türksat 42E 8K 30fps broadcast.


@crazyturk can you make a small recording/sample of that channel because it should be H/W decoded.


The video is not fluent.Tvheadent is not displayed with 4.3, but Tvheadent is displayed with 4.2.


Thanks. 8K playback only works on rev B S922X chips or newer, S905X3 and A311D work. But with that said, only 8K@30FPS is supported, anything higher than that won’t work.
Your GT-King Pro probably has the rev A SoC, which can only support 4K.

All S922X-H/J is based on rev.A as far as I know.

Yes, rev A SoC

Tvheadend works with 4.2. Tvheadend does not work with 4.3.Works with SW decoder.