I leave here a tip for those considering buying an SBC card and want to have live TV.
Some images from TBS in use below.
I am testing on KI Pro.

I had some problems with usb hub hardly happened sometimes TBS disappeared from Tvheadend. solution
(exchange usb hub supply with a 5V, 2A supply)
Because the original hub source is only 5V, 1A

After a few days of testing it seems that everything worked just like the original tuner.

Configured and operated ISDB-T / DVB-S channels
I don’t have DVB-C in my city for testing.

Used usb hub. Surely there are better hubs

Grateful big help.@afl1
I was surprised how TBS did the channel search in seconds.
She is the size of a credit card.
You cannot forget to activate the crazycat driver.

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