Thai language sanscript text display for KODI menus

I am a Brit living in Thailand and am using CoreELEC with the latest -ng firmware on my X96 Max Plus X905X3 box. However I am trying to help a Thai freind in setting up his exactly the same box that I have set up for him with Coreelec. He would like the main KODI menues language to show in Thai SanScript text. I have enabled Thai subtitles many years ago for my own Thai family and had to use an Arialuni.ttf font placed in the .kodi/Media folder and that works perfectly. However, I enable Thai Language in the Settings/Interface/Regional screen which then installed from KODI repo a Thai Language addon which is indeed shown as enabled. I then set it to use the Thai Windows characters. However when switching the main language to Thai all I can get is rectangles for each characcter. I have tried both availabel fonts in the Estuary skin both default and arial but I clearly need to be able to install my arialuni.ttf font somewhere for KODI to use for its main language so it can display the sanscript characters.

So can anyone help here or give me an alternative solution rather than placing my arialuni.ttf font somewhare unknown but appropriate…

Did you try to place it into the same location as you did in the past?

Yes I always place the arialuni font in that folder and it works as needed for Thai subtitles usign the Thai Windows character set, but ir does not work for the main menues in KODI. So clearly it seems this required font needs to go somewhere else for KODI to use it.

What about path (be careful with lowercase/uppercase characters).


and select font to Arial based

Thjanks for your reply. Yes that was one of the first things I tried but it makes no difference only changinng the usual font characters slightly of course. Still switching to Thai language just produces the same rectangular boxes for each Thai sanscript character. :frowning:

Maybe your font is not good enough? Try with this one because it worked (I tested before made response).

********* Now I remember what I forgot to write: You need to rename your custom font to Arial.ttf.So the complete path is


Thank you so much vpeter. That was it so easy just cahnged my ARIALUNI.TTF font name in the /Media/Fonts folder to ARIAL.TTF. I left it is upper case so I could differential it from the inbuild arial.ttf font so use with the Subtitles settings. Now it all works and still works with subtitles too when pointed to the changed name of ARIAL.TTF. I have been using the arialuni.ttf font for many many years even way back in the days of Ember firmware when I discovered this font and how to use it in KODI. Never knew that it needs to be renamed arial.ttf for the KODI system to use it for its user language.

Brilliant, many thanks again.

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