The Future: Odroid N2


The future is here! HardKernel was so kind to provide most of the Team with a Odroid N2 with Amlogic S922X SoC. Work has already started and this device looks awesome.

I want to thank Justin Lee from HardKernel for this great opportunity.

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A simple question this marriage can work.
It is possible the union of both to CoreELEC + Tvheadend
ODROID-N2 Amlogic S922X + DVB / DTV Extension Board for VIM2 (VTV)
I do not like DVB USB adapters
I like this idea here!
@Ray Thanks, if you can help


Sat > ip is probably a safer option and isnt much more expensive than the vim dtv board.

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Great news this, looks awsome board. It even looks like Amlogic is taking linux support seriously this time

Unfortunately hardkernel products are nearly twice as expensive in europe which makes the package much less attractive.

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It looks really nice! I have to save to offer me one! Are they really that more expensive here in Europe? What’s the expected price tag?


@Shoog I wouldn’t say that is necessarily true, it depends on the vendor that you buy from ofcourse but just looking at the pricing it is cheaper than some other much older SBC’s that are currently on the market.

KVIM2 -> $99-$140
KVIM -> $55-70
LePotato -> $35-45
Odroid C2 -> $46

Odroid N2 -> $63-79

I think it’s very competitively price and it’s way cheaper than some of the boxes available, take the Vero4K+ or Minix U9-H -> $150-160.

Your getting a hell of a lot for your money imo.

Lastly lets not forget the RPI $44.

(All prices in USD).

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Could you propose a sat ip device?


That’s not expensive, with the specs it has and the support of Coreelec team it can be the right choice. I’m definitely follow the development and get one myself if it has the team’s “seal of approval”!


The only european supplier has similsar hardkernel products at about \€110 which equattes to about $130


@Shoog the only European supplier? has the C2 at £49 which is around €55.


If you look at something like the H2 which is comparable then you will see what i mean. I predict an EU price of about €110 and at that price an Intel based minipc starts to look attractive.


Until pricing is available at said retails it is pure speculation but the C2 has a 35% markup on that site which if applied to the N2 would put it at around the €75 mark.

You can always order directly from HardKernel themselves and then there is no markup. :slight_smile:


When i bought my vim2 i went through this comparing hardkernel prices in europe and this where i am basing my guestimates on. Unfortunately, harkernel been a reputable supplier, will charge the import duties on their products which would bring their direct prices up in line with their uk distributor.
Theres no way round it, those fantastic dollar prices are just not so fantastic in the EU


I have just asked @Ray whether he has ever had to pay import duties on anything from HardKernel as he has had a number of packages from them and he has only once had import duties applied and it was €12.

So with that in mind it is still far less than what your making it out to be, I think your having a bit of a fud episode Shoog to be honest. :laughing:


Although I have to add that I got the box for free so it was valued at production price. If it’s retail taxes can go up to 20€. Also HK pays customs and taxes upfront through DHL for developers.

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Those DHL prices are also a factor. I used to buy a bit from the USA but postal charges started to make that unviable about a decade ago.
I still maintain that my questimate will be about right.


If you order directly from hardkernel the shipping fee is $28.


But what does it cost if you buy a chinese box. For one they declare the value wrong on the package to avoid taxes and custom fee’s but normally you’d have to pay those too.
Hardkernel ships with Express iirc that’s why the price is so high.
That’s 55€ shipped from Germany.
HK wants 46$ which is ~41€: + 19%VAT in Germany is 48,79€ without shipping.


I see many talking about prices
The reality of Brazil and other
Here the import price comes out equivalent to the price of the product.

And charged import tax of 60% + freight value + value of
product. Where most of the time they play 60% on the value of Freight + Product

Our dream and that the values quoted
certainly it would be better
Just clarifying to @adamg now you understand why we buy the Chinese box, not because they are better and yes they send with less value fitting in our budget in our reality.

As @Shoog aid to Brazil is the same leaves twice as expensive
Detail the value of the dollar is almost 4 times higher than our currency.