The Future: Odroid N2


Well the question is what is cheap? I understand that not everyone can afford to pay a lot of money but on the other hand I see a lot of people complain about their 20$ AML box not working with their 2000$ AVR and 3000$ TV.

I guess everyone needs to decide for themselves.
Fortunately these AML boxes are way cheaper that the RK3399 boxes. Hopefully the work we do for S922X will be usable for a S905X2 box too. But owning this Odroid N2 now and seeing the build quality and the power I’d not want to get a S905X2 now although it should be fine for CoreELEC too.


It’s in my todo list.


Damn, just updated whole infrastructure to Odroid C2 :slight_smile: But considering really high costs shipping+DPH (ordered from HK to Europe - one C2 costs me ~75EUR including power adapter) and the fact, that C2 should handle quite everything in next X years (not HDR interested), I keeping calm :slight_smile:

But one thing I must appretiate: HK+CE team colaboration. Its very nice from HK, and I believe it helps also sales, considering cheap price + trustworthy build, and “certified stability / testing” of nice Home Theatre software :+1:


@JimmyS we also collab with LibreComputer, thanks to their donations we was able to improve on the HDR auto switching code amongst other things.

Support from these 2 vendors has really helped us to continue improving CE.


Last box I bought was subject to heavy charges on importation.

box cost + delivery is the value used for computations.

Customs charges on any value over ~€23 incurs VAT @ 23%, plus a €10 ‘handling’ charge.

It can mean the unshipped price doubles by the time it has been received.

Of course those prices quoted for USA do not include local taxes etc as far as I am aware, which would add a bit to the ‘out of pocket’ cost when buying there.

Still I am watching out for the availability of the N2 and will decide then based on need.

I’d not want to get a S905X2 now although it should be fine for CoreELEC too.

I do have one of these and if CE ever becomes available for it I will be trying that. I really hope this does happen. :wink:


Whatever it comes out at i would say it will probably be good value anyway. Still i have been toying with going intel next time simply for .the inclusion of SaTA out of the box. Some of the good chineses minipcs are coming in at about €130 which makes them good value.


What is the status of hdr with Intel? Does any ELEC work well with Intel?


ELEC works fine, but there is no 10-bit or HDR support.


This Device will be an Instant Buy, just have to wait until Pollin@Germany will have it on Stock in April :slight_smile:


Will the Odroid N2 be able to software decode Netflix at 1080p?


We don’t know yet. But wrxtasy said he is able to play 1080p NF with a slightly overclocked Odroid C2. The cpu on the N2 is 30% faster and the passive cooling is superb. Also we have the possibility to overclock already.


That’s not possible on a overclocked C2.
720p netflix SW decoding is the highest what you can get.

wrxtasy mentioned on the kodi forum that the ODOID N1 (RK3399) is able to do netflix 1080p SW decoding.
Hardware decoding of 10bit h264 Hi10P Anime is also possible he said.

So maybe it’s possible on the ODROID N2 too.

Here is the thread where’s he mentioned it.


It does handle 1080P H264 Hi10P with ease, at about 35-40% CPU load.
There’s no hardware decoding of H264 Hi10P, but software decoding is more than enough.


Well idk that’s what he said on slack. He said specifically Odroid C2.


How long would you say before there is a stable build for the N2? My C2 seems to have packed it in and I now have the dilemma of waiting for the N2 to be available, and for a stable build to come out, or just pick up another C2… First world problems!


We don’t have any projections. I hope that we can make something (not necessarily stable) available by the time the N2 ships in April, but we can’t guarantee anything at this point, since we only just started working on it a few days ago.


Does the framegrabber work with h265 content? Having 1080p netflix and h265 ambilight would be a real reason for me to upgrade.


It’s looking promising. We have a working build already. There are still a lot of issues but basic stuff works like GUI, SW decoding, CEC, and some HW decoding. @shanti also tested some of the retrogame stuff and it’s impressive. A lot of people on the Team got a N2 so people are motivated to get it to work properly.

But we will probably encounter a lot of issues we don’t know yet.


We haven’t tried yet. Currently there are other priorities like HW decoded playback.


1080P Netflix from an overclocked C2 is possible. It’s only a matter of keeping it cool.