The Future: Odroid N2


This is so great to hear from the team. I heard about this device a few weeks back and hardware wise it perfectly covers all the shortcomings of the S905X box I have been using for years. I didn’t see this thread at the time so I had no intention of buying since CE is pretty much a necessity for me. Now I have no hesitation to purchase when it comes out, even if I have to wait a while for you guys to work your magic.

I know the price difference is minimal, but are you guys working with 2gb or 4gb? Which one do you suggest CE users pick up?

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I think that most/all of us have the 4GB version, but memory usage is similar to what you see in current CoreELEC versions, so I think that 2GB will work just as well.

Does the Odroid N2 support sleep/suspend mode? I have three different boxes and only my WeTek Play 2 fully supports this feature.

Also, since it doesn’t come with a remote (but it does come with an IR receiver) how is it able to be turned on/woken up with a 3rd party remote? Sorry if these were already discussed. I’m very interested in possibly buying one of these new boards.

It does. You can wake it up with CEC (Just Turn TV on), IR and WakeOnLAN.

And HK developer made a little driver to change wakeup ir code. I think NEC is required.

Ok here are some updates. We managed to fix most of the hw decoding issues and playback is now as smooth as we know it from 3.14 gxm,gxl and gxbb devices. Just some little things remaining but this is already alpha/beta quality and can be used to watch stuff. Audio is also mostly fixed. Some DD+ samples make some trouble.

I was able to do some power consumption tests today with my good power meter:

Netflix 1080p SW decoding through widevine 4.2W top, temperature stays low playback is smooth.

1080p HEVC video SW decoding 4.1W top, low stable temp and smooth playback.

Same video with HW decoding 2.7W, low stable temp and smooth playback.

4K 60Hz HDR HEVC video with HW decoding 3.5W, low temp and smooth playback. SW decoding for this video was too much to play smooth.

N2 off 0.7W


Can we use the dvb s2 tuner on the Odroid N2?

Which one? We have 4.9 kernel so it should support more usb DVB tuners. In addition I’m sure we will have crazycat etc. working. But I personally don’t use DVB so I haven’t tried. afl1 will probably make all the dvb stuff work because he uses it extensively.


I think afl1 plans to port support for the Khadas dTV board to the odroid N2. There would be hardware bodging involved though.



Can you test software decoding on Hi10P (H.264 10 bit) at 1080p Level 5.0 or above? Also how is deinterlacing for 50i and 60i videos (H.264 and VC-1)?

Which one should I buy ODROID N2 or new version Khadas VIM2 Live TV?

You are in the topic where everyone says that the Odroid N2 and superior in many requirements
So forget khadas friend and come for the best!

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I ordered the Khadas VIM2, the seller did not send it and returned my money but I bought a khadas dvb s2 tuner 20$.

Wait @afl1 the same will tell if it is possible to use your dvb card in OndroiN2

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I will not give buying recommendations. Personally I love the N2. Vim2 is S912 which will always be hacky because of the missing mali blob.
Afl1 said he wants to make the vim2 tuner work with the N2.

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The VIM2 represents less (product) for more (money).


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This is very interesting. Is it possible to connect hardwarely this tuner to N2 device?

Looks like it can be worn

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