Ugoos am6b+ turn off problem

Hi, tried to search but cant find the answer so i need help.
My am6b+ with CE on internal memory.
Sometimes when i turn off the box by press power button, tv and soundbar are turn off, but the led on box still red, then cannot turn on/wake up by remote, need to unplug dc power.
Is there anyway to fix?

Found solution: pair bluetooth for ur01 remote, no hanging on turn off/turn on the box, but missing menu button and video display info (with ir mode, i can map extra function to menu key and back key using keymap editor)

Did you do anything special to the bluetooth remote to turn on the box?

Mine can turn off, but pressing power won’t turn the AM6b+ back on.

I dont know why bt can work normal
But now i get IR mode working too.
By default, stock dual boot can use ir remote wothout remote.conf file in /storage/.config/ folder.
I just download and upload remote.conf file to that folder and now everything work.

I cannot turn on ugoos am6b+ with remote control, either. Did you find a solution?

copy remote.conf to /storage/.config then reboot. Or pair Bluetooth remote. It works for me.

No I wasn’t. Though easiest way for these android boxes is to leave them running all the time or stick them into suspend.

Even Shield Pro doesn’t turn off all the way unless you force it.

I just leave my box on all the time, they use so little power idling it’s almost nothing.

FYI as far as I can tell, the majority of the UR-01 remote is actually IR. I know this because I was able to program my older Logitech remotes with it, which can only handle IR signals. I think maybe only the mic is the Bluetooth bit?

The dualboot image contained a remote.conf in the partition that gets mounted to /flash
With that red power button on the UR-01, I am able to resume from sleep and even turn on after a power off in Kodi. Just as effective as pressing the power button, assuming the IR signal isn’t blocked.

Also this worked with the dualboot image I flashed from Ugoos itself. No idea if it works from USB or micro SD boot.

The UR-01 is fully bluetooth because it all the buttons work even without remote.config, if you pair it.

The bluetooth is so unstable with UR-01 remote in my case, so I mapped UR-01 's power IR button to another RF + IR remote and managed to turn on AM6B+. I even didn’t realized Ugoos AM6B+ has an IR receiver, though. Thank you.

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This might help. It sets it so the red power button on the UR-01 remote is the power-on/resume and the black power button is the suspend. Essentially discrete “on” and “off” , which ime tend to work better for my Harmony remotes. I supplement this with the Dune HD Premium remote.

I have to figure out the same with Bluetooth… so far all good besides on off

I have to say key mapper add on and harmony is really a great combo with kodi!

if somebody has an idea like that for Bluetooth pls share that would help a lot my ugoos should be not visible. so far everything works via Bluetooth but off on.
should that blob be switched on? I dint understand the warning. I cannot find reported implications? so why not?

IR mode also not working with turn on/turn off?
By default, we dont have to make any .hwdb file to get Bluetooth working, just pair it.


with ir on off works perfectly.

with Bluetooth it’s of course much better you have then the kodi functionality not only the 5 ugoos commands… and I want to hide the ugoos so ir will be not possible anymore…
I had no stress at all, it’s just perfect. read somewhere windows plus kodi in my harmony set up and that’s it. I have full functionality - besides on off.

so currently I start the activity to have to mapped remote and TV and avr on.
then I switch to devices ugoos am6b+ turn it on (via it) and back to my activity.
would be also OK but I want to hide it…

I configured the CEC adapter in Kodi to have the AM6B+ go into suspend mode when the TV turns off and wake up again when the TV turns on.

This way you don’t need to send any power commands to it. Waking up from suspend works fine here. Only thing that happens is a reload of the skin just after wake up.

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that would be indeed a great idea! thanks!

I thought cec never really works I’m not using it at all in the moment. in my case I’m not sure that’s a workaround. every night I have a rf power adapter and Im turning the whole video equipment off, saving stand by energy… I’m not sure turning it on brings the ugoos in the correct standby mode to receive that cec?

but I will try!! thanks!