Ugoos X4 Pro with Amlogic S905X4

My CEC works ok too. I have tried whatever is in the audio section. Both my HK1 X4 and Ugoos X4 both on Nexus nightly also have same problem. Any video with atmos when stop will result in no audio. Like i say even the UI click sound is not present. So when I tried to play stereo flac or youtube, there will be no sound. The easiest solution is to go setting>audio to set the Output to Fixed and then back to Best Match.

Why switch off passthrough?
I have passthrough enabled and set as default for all media.

You create your own default settings in
Settings / System

You can enable/disable passthrough at anytime during playback.
Screen will flicker/maybe glitch then all will be good.

This is strange
Maybe try this

Settings/ System

Make sure you are on

Default settings for keep audio device alive
Is 1 minute
Change to always

Worth a shot

Happy Testing

I finally solve the Audio issues.

Change from default HDMI Multi Ch PCM to just HDMI.

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Bought a 2cm 12v turbo fan which fits the Ugoos perfectly.
Because this is turbo fan for 3d printer and it’s noisy, I bought the 12v version and a USB connector to supply 5v only so the noise is very minimal.

The 2cm fits perfectly to the Ugoos X4 case. Just place it at the back.

Now the temp at idle is 36deg C only. After playing a 4k movies for 5 min, it went up to 38deg C only

Very nice!

I wonder if the Ugoos’ USB port can power the fan so that you can use a short fan cable

Glad you solved it
Had to be something in settings…

A true Dolby Atmos device soundbar/receiver
Is way out of my price range
Iam jealous

Sound must be incredible!!!

Nice job on cooling

Happy Testing

The ugoos USB port can power the fan but those ports are always on even when the box is turn off. Unless you turn off the power to the ugoos box from the main switch which I don’t.

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I do not have a heat problem with my Ugoos X4 Pro When I check the temp after streaming it seems to remain in the mid to high 40degree C range. I have a cheap simple USB fan on its own small stand at the side of my Ugoos which is inside a glass fronted TV cabinet. It is also constantly quite hot here in Thailand.

Yes I also use the straight HDMI connection as you have shown above.

Certainly ATMOS sounds incredible when properly set up and using good speakers. Yes it broke me for a few months but I have no regrets. The speakers are an expensive part of a good ATMOS set up. However I already had a pair of way more than adequate excellent now quite old but good Monitor Audio floor standing HiFi speakers, a Denon budget sub woofer (which I need to update to say a Klipse or Monitor Audio £300’ish model), and two Denon SYS 5.1 budget rear speakers, also due for updating when I can afford it. I purchased a Monito Audio centre speaker and two Monitor Audio very capable ceiling mounted speakers and yes despite needing upgraded rear speakers and sub woofer, it all sounds absolutely incredible and very immersive. Well worth going without other things to have this realism with my audio.

I have the Onkyo TX NR686 AVR which I am very please with though it did need a new power supply twice whilst still under warranty.

I have a sonos 5.1 system but would love a full sonos atmos system not just a soundbar. Don’t get me wrong sound from a sonos soundbar and two play 1s as surround is amazing, add in their big subwoofer and might need to reinforce the ceiling. None of it is very cheap but you soon forget that.

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Thanks for this tip and very cheap fans too. I purchased a 5V and 12V fan as in your picture and the 12V one is running slowly with a normal 5V USB A connection. My box is now the same temperature as with the side USB fan I have now removed, but much neater and temp staying in mid to high 40s C, so all is good. I will try the 5V fan at some time but I am happy with it always under 50C especially here in hot Thailand.

Can anyone tell me if the new uGoos AM7 is supported in CoreELEC yet as it looks a superb option and cheaper than the AM6b. It has very high spec, more than the AM6b apart from the processor as this has the S905X4 rather than the superb faster S922x on the AM6b. It also has Android 11 rather than 9 with the AM6b and looks very pretty in white :slight_smile:

Does anyone have this box yet and can report on it ?

My Vontar X4 just arrived and got it working with no time. Fast as hell compared to my old 905x and all works as expected.
Unfortunately it does have 1gbps lan only and wifi is slow as hell.

What command do you use to recognise chipset it has build in? Used sc2 4_1gbps dtb and tried also the kne without gbps in name…

Should I return it? :wink:

The Vontar X4 is technically related to the unsupported generic device HK1 X4 thread and not the supported Ugoos X4 device. If you read the thread Report about Amlogic S905X4 HK1 RBOX X4 - #642 by sebus05 while many of us are having success @Portisch has recommended against buying it even has he has done a lot to make it work. I assume you mean it only has 100Mbs only and it is quite common to find generic devices with incorrect or misleading order information on the online order page. Returning is your choice.

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True mu bad. Device going back :wink::ok_hand:

edit: I’m just stupid. While disconnecting to put it back to box I realised I have only 100mbps cable connected to it. Swapped cable and gigabit is working like a harm! :joy:

Thanks Portisch so looks to be a good new box then.

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