Ugreen hub USB 3.0 1000 ethernet for x96max

My x96max 4/64 not working 1G dtb (ver 9.2.8). I have to limit the ethernet speed to 100 megabytes using commands per putty. Wifi 5G does work version 9.2.8. Could I fix the ethernet problem by connecting this usb 3.0 hub? Would the 3 extra usb ports work as well?

chip ethernet AX88179A chip usb ports: GL3510,%22ship_from%22:%22CN%22,%22sku_id%22:%2212000026281818589%22%7D

Yes, it’s a good workaround. You will get good speed from it but if you think about feeding it with external hard drives you need more power, see if they sell also the wall power source.

Thanks for your help. I have a 5v 2A charger with the necessary plug to supply power to the hub. Hope it works well. I repeat thank you and happy holidays

Using it for ethernet, wireless remotes, external SSD, usb flash drives - you could manage easily without supplementary power source, but the box will get very hot and will reboot if you connect mechanical hard drives. For my old S905X box, I was getting 275-300 mbps speed from an Ugreen ethernet to usb adapter (the box had only usb 2.0 on board).

If you have IC+1001 lan in the box install nightly rls of CE and set IC+1001 assembled in CE hardware setting. Lan will be working as gigabit.

I have not IC+1001 LAN. Check the image. RTL8211F

gigabit lan driver - did you look upon this thread? maybe some solution for you. In CE do you have 4GB of RAM?

Yes coreelec recognizes 4g of ram perfectly

Then, the USB to ethernet adapter will be an easy way to solve the problem.

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