Unable to conect to MySQL DB after upgrade to 19.5RC1

Hi - I recently upgraded from 19.4 to 19.5 on an Odroid N2+. I had a fully working MySQL DB setup which worked without issue prior to the upgrade, now I see ‘Unable to connect to database server’ in the logs.

advancedsettings.xml hasn’t been altered. MySQL server is accessible from other hosts when running mysql -u user -p -h The DB is accessible from Windows Kodi devices and osmc.

I can ping from Coreelec to the MySQL server and likewise from the server to Coreelec.

Looks like the mysql client may have broken/changed in the 19.5 build?

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Just for info - I am not having any issues with 19.5 RCs and MySQL as the DB. Same setup as I’ve used for years is working fine - I presume you’re referring to it by IP in your advanced_settings.xml?

(My MySQL install is actually mariadb official in a docker - some info on that here: Update on MariaDB & CoreElec - as there have been some issues with mariadb and Kodi…)

If you roll back to 19.4 does it work?


I didn’t have any sql issues with 19.5. I had to roll back to 19.4 because of the audio issues though.
Maybe try a clean install as a test, and see it that works. Perhaps something was not upgraded correctly, or some permissions were messed up.

Hi guys - I managed to fix this issue. Upon tailing kodi.log on bootup, it seems the default period of 10 seconds for ‘wait for network before starting kodi’ wasn’t sufficient. Not sure why this would have changed after the 19.5 upgrade. Changing the value to 20 seconds allowed Kodi to connect to the MySQL database again and all is well.

The only thing I can think of is perhaps the tvheadend HTSP client addon was taking longer than usual to initialise and causing some issues with the MySQL connection procedure on boot.

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