Update to CoreELEC directly from LibreELEC?

Hey guys,

Is there any way to update to CoreELEC directly from LibreELEC (emmc) or via PuTTY/ssh?

I’ve tried uploading a CoreELEC image into LibreELEC’s “update” folder, but it didn’t work.

I’m asking that because I’ve lost my emmc>micro sd adapter and I want to move to CoreELEC because of some annoying audio related bugs LibreELEC is throwing my way.

I’m on Odroid C2, by the way.

Thanks in advance.


Upgrade from libreelec to coreelec is not supported.
I would recommend starting with a clean install. Great time to do just that!

Good luck

Sure, but I can’t do a clean install because, like I said, I’ve lost my emmc>micro sd adapter.

I live in a small Brazilian town and I can’t find anywhere to buy a new adapter.

So, is there any way I can install CoreELEC on my Odroid C2’s emmc via ssh, update or any other way? In other words, install it remotely, without having to take out the emmc and plug it in my computer?

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I do not own an odroid. Do they have USB?
If so try that

Yes, they have USB.

How should I proceed, then?

Just like you would with your adapter.
Just burn the image to usb.

Odroid C2 can’t run an OS from USB. It’s either microSD or emmc.

I could simply install it on my microSD card. It would work, though much slower than emmc.

So, supposing I have CoreELEC installed and running from my microSD card. Is there any way I could transfer it to the emmc?

Ok. Was not aware of that.
To answer your question, you could use the (again, unsupported) installtointernal command after install on microSD.
Never had an issue with it, bit have not tried it on odroid .

So, maybe there’s a way to streamline the process and install the whole thing to emmc via putty/ssh without burning it to microSD first?

Not that I know of.
Maybe someone else can answer that.

It is possible to backup and restore all settings.

You can install CE to a microSD and migrate your old installation onto it and then install to the eMMC without the adapter and dispose of the microSD then.

I will post full instructions later if Ray doesn’t beat me to it, I’m on my phone presently.

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Sorry for the delay. Can you tell me what LibreELEC Version you are using and I will try it here to reproduce. I don’t want to advise you something and brick your device.

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OK this is how it works. I tested this. Fresh LibreELEC 9.0.1 installation on emmc flashed:

ssh yourbox
cd /storage/.update
touch .nocompat
wget "https://github.com/CoreELEC/CoreELEC/releases/download/9.0.1/CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.0.1.tar"

If you had time to spare, you can order some inexpensive USB2/3 adapters from any online stores, i.e. AliExpress, etc., and have it shipped (with a free S/H cost) to your address in Brazil. Depends on your country’s import policies, you may and/or may not be required to pay the import tax. The shipping time usually take 1 or more month.

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Could you link a cheap USB3 - emmc adapter wich compatible with the odroid emmc module?

Thanks Ray!

Now, I’ve got CoreELEC up and running on a microSD card.

(It’s way snappier and bug free than LibreELEC, by the way, even when LibreELEC was running from an EMMC module, which is supposed to be faster. I’m impressed.)

Which command should I use to simply transfer it to EMMC?

Or, if it’s simpler, which folder should I backup (and then replace) from CoreELEC to retain my current configuration in a brand new direct install?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t have odroid to test.

Don’t understand, then why do you recommend if you don’t know any?

You can use internal CoreElec option to make a backup. Copy this backup to some safe place, make a fresh install on an eMMC and when the install finishes, restore your backup.

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