Update your YouTube addon now

It turns out that Google has changed their YouTube service yet again. The YouTube addon team spotted this a few days ago and created a fix - but if you attempt to use the addon before applying the fix then Google will flag your API’s as broken and block you from using it.

If you read this before using YouTube then download the linked ZIP file at this github location and install it and you should be good to go;

However if you used the addon before upgrading you will need to freshen your YouTube API after upgrading your addon to 6.8.14.

The procedure to freshen the API is quite simple.
Launch your YouTube addon and click on the sign in button.
This issues a code and tells you to login to google.com/device on the Android device linked to your YouTube addon (the one you created your API’s in) where you enter the code and re-authenticate the API. This is a HTML site so most browsers will complain about it been insecure, you need to go into advanced settings at the bottom of the warning and allow navigation to this site.
Thats it and things should be working on all Kodi devices within your local LAN network.



Is it the same with the newest 6.8.15 version?

Anything after 6.8.14 should solve the issue.

Updated all my devices (CE and Windows) to 6.8.15 , which were all having the no streams error and the update did the trick.

It works great. Well thank you.

Sorry I’m confused.

I’ve not used Youtube for a while so which of the two ZIPS do I use, I don’t have Matrix.

plugin.video.youtube-6.8.15.zip or plugin.video.youtube-6.8.15+matrix.1.zip, depending on the version of CE (Legacy or Matrix)

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I also discovered today that it is possible to have API keys that allow for YouTube addon playback, search, live streams, however will fail to let one sign in to their account. Instead LoginException: [401] will show.

The fix for this is to re-create the API keys in the Google Developers Console.

Applying the new keys will allow one to sign in to their account.

Thank you.

Thank you for the hint.

i am using coreelec 9.2.7 on an amlogic box with Kodi 18.9 - but the latest Youtube addon update i see in the official Kodi repository or anywhere else is version 6.8.11

how come i am not seeing 6.8.15?

Its not been pulled into the official repository yet so thats why a direct link to the developers github was supplied in the opening comment. Does no body read anything !!


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OK - does this mean i cant get Youtube to work without first upgrading the box to Leia ?

in fairness i did read the first post - but that these updates were not pushed through to the main Kodi repository wasn’t stated - in fact other people seem to be able to get them from exactly that repository - hence the confusion.

anyway - looks like i have both the no-streams issue and the 401 wrong secret issue

may have to update the box to kodi 19 also

will try to work through one at a time :confused:

The Youtube addon is available for both Leia and Matrix. Its clearly listed in the github. The Leia version will probably work on all older versions of Kodi, but thats for testing.


I have it working on versions as old as 18.6.

There are only 2 versions to try and you will soon know which one installs as one will be rejected.

Should take a minute to find out.

Don’t know why you don’t see it. I saw it several days ago and updated it to 6.8.15 on my S905X box with CE 9.2.7…

thanks - that’s really odd

i think i may as well uninstall the app. reinstall it and create a new API key - and see where i am after that

oh, wait - are you on matrix/19 ?

You seem to be over thinking this.

Go to the link in the first post and download plugin.video.youtube-6.8.15.zip which should work for your 18.9.

Then install it.

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