USB DVB Tuners and Odroid N2

I’ve had a few attempts with these - they don’t seem to be that sensitive (i.e. you need a better signal with them than other DVB-T2 tuners). I also found that they had issues at some frequencies (I’m UK Crystal Palace)

They were OK - and very cheap - but the Win TV Dual HD seemed more robust with my aerial feed. (Though I’ve lost COM7 and COM8 with the move to UK-wide SFNs that have taken them out-of-band for a legacy Crystal Palace aerial)

Play TV is a dual tuner, but DVB-T only - so it won’t get HD channels in the UK where DVB-T2 is used for HD (Th Play TV will get HD in places like France, Norway, New Zealand, Aus where HD is DVB-T not DVB-T2)

The Xbox One tuner is a single tuner, but DVB-T2, so will get Freeview HD in the UK.

@vlade if you are still struggling - no need to build TVH on an N2 - it’s installable in the Services area of the CoreElec Add Ons Repo.

Reboot, then access it via http://your.n2.ip.address:9981

(The :9981 is vital)

To watch TV on the N2 you also need to add a PVR Client as well.

The standard CE repo has 4.2.something

I was looking for 4.3, to see whether it worked any better. The issue with Hauppage’s DualTV seems to be that once CE goes to suspend, it somehow loses the connection and the ability to re-tune.

Hauppauge Dual TV (dual tuner, T and T2 support): - works only of the micro USB2 on the front, doesn’t work with USB3 on the back. Stops working on suspend, requires reboot. Deadly if you want your box to suspend and wake up for recording.

XBOX Tuner (single tuner, T and T2 support)- works ok with the back USB3 ports, but has problem if your DVB-T2 uses dynamic PMT tables, in which case you may get mostly just sound, and often nothing (reportedly it works with Xbox in such a situation).

Hauppage seems to be more choppy on T2 channels than Xbox.

Ordered now DVBSky T330, so will see…

All on 9.2.0 stable + standard TVH.

Other options for reliable working are SiliconDust HD-HomeRun Dual or Quad DVB-T/T2 network tuners. That removes all driver issues from your set-up. I’ve had a Dual HDHR running into a small ODroid HC1 + 2.5" HDD running OpenMediaVault and TV Headend for a while now - it “just works”, whilst others use their NASs to run TV Headend with the HDHR as their tuner solution. The HC1 draws such little current I leave it always on though.

Separating TV Headend backend from your Kodi front end does make life a lot easier - particularly if you have multiple Kodi front ends (as I do)

Ok well i have a very good signal, and have now scanned my channels 3 times but still all HD are missing?

Dont get it.

The Adaptor Comes up in TVH AS T Not T2 though?

What model of DVB-T2 tuner are you using - and which set of drivers do you have installed in CoreElec - regular, Crazy cat or Media Build?

For me, the best and cheapest is Microsoft Xbox One Digital TV Tuner (~10/11€). It works with Media Build drivers.

Note: I had a problem with a local TV channel that changed the frequency, but I wrote an email requesting the revision of the transmission parameters and on the third day everything was solved. The tuner was not guilty.

In case someone is interested by service HTS Tvheadend 4.3-1854 compiled by myself for odroid N2 WITHOUT HD Homerun support you can try :
For coreelec 9.2.0

The link says here that your tvheadend and
And not Tvheadend 4.3-1854
Where is the mistake?

Im using the xbox one tuner with the corelec latest drivers.

You can rename the file as what you want but it’s 4.3-1854 . the file name has no importance.

Have you tried the Media Build or Crazy Cat DVB drivers?

Roden, you need to use the Dvd drivers from the latest kernel (media build) with the Xbox tuners. I’ve got two of them connected.

Its version is not Tvheadend 4.3.
Once installed here proven the same and tvheadend42-9.2.127.

Here I have version 4.3 as you can see in the images

Yes thats the drivers i am using, but still get no hd?

I would like to add Live TV via Sat to my N2 Coreelec setup. TVheadend is planned as server and client.

Can you recommend me an usb fbc dvb-s tuner that is working with TVheadend?

I’m not sure you’ll find any FBC-capable USB tuners. FBC is really only available in dedicated satellite receivers like Enigma devices, Sky Q etc.

I’ve only ever seen single-tuner DVB-S/S2 (S2x in some cases) USB tuners for sale - usually limited to Universal-style LNBs with basic Diseqc switching. (Some may also support a single tuner using Unicable or Unicable II rather than Universal LNBs)

There MAY be a few FBC PCI-E cards for use in PCs - as there are dual, quad and octo PCI-E tuners for sale - but they are not cheap, and would need to be part of a PC TVHeadend back-end.

SAT>IP Quad Tuner network solutions are available too. These are not FBC - but some have Unicable II support for single cable working with multiple tuners - though this may required third party firmware like Sat Axe.

You can visit this link about internal tuners on N2:

Thank you for clarification and the link.

I can confirm this behaviour with GT-King Pro too. Tested with CE, WinTV-dualHD runs only in usb2otg port and stops working on resume. Needs reboot or unplug/replug.
But it seems not to be specific only to the Hauppauge - just tested it with AVerTV Volar Black HD tv tuner (af9015 chipset, DVB-T only) and even though it works in usb3 ports as well as in usb2otg, the problem with suspend/resume stopping to work occurs too.

It helps to set “USB Power” to ON in Inject BL301 options - both WinTV-dualHD and VolarBlackHD tuners then continue to work after resume.Not a very nice workaround, but maybe it helps to narrow down the cause?