Using CoreELEC on the La Frite SBC

[ This post is not complete yet but may still be helpful to anybody having issues getting CoreELEC to install on a La Frite SBC. ]

Since version 9.2.4 CoreELEC supports the Libre Computer La Frite SBC.

Getting started using CoreELEC on this device is easy though a little different then with other supported devices.

It’s important to make sure you are using the latest firmware on your La Frite board.
Firmware updates can be found at the link below. be sure to read the readme.txt file for instruction on how to complete this step.

Install Image for the La Frite can be found at
The file you want to download is CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-[version number]-LaFrite.img.gz

Installation Methods.

  1. CoreELEC can be installed on your La Frite using the Libre Computer OS Tool (LOST), which is part of the La Frite’s firmware.

  2. The CoreELEC La Frite image can be burned to a USB drive.

  3. The CoreELEC La Frite image can also be written directly to the La Frite’s eMMC using the USB cable included with the eMMC module.

Hi. Please add support for 512 mb version of that board if possible. Or give me some suggestion what to change in code for lower memory requirements , I have some builds based on LE master for 512 mb but can’t figure what to change in CE code for 512 mb board, In LE based build only lowering CMA parametr is needed for that /from =256 to =128

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