Very odd video effects

Hi All and thanks to you CE team for your work !

I use the 9.2 20210318 nightly ng on S905X3 and I get a very bad jerking with this files…look like huge stuttering …you can see it here (tiny file 3.5mo) and an other here
log file available but nothing more than I say …

I post that here because I do not have this issue on the Sony Android TV nor my S912 9.2.5 CE … this is why i would like to know whats wrong with CE… Yesterday I had to use my TV android to see the movie and this is so frustrating !

Thank you for your help !

NB: My S912 / CE 9.2.5 play this two files very well with no any issue

tried your sample, same on my n2 and n2plus using matrix.

plays fine on my old s912 running an older none ng version.


btw what film is it? looks good lol

its “The.Superdeep.2020” … russian… but it do not play well on our 4.9 core… it play fine with my Sony TV android and my S912 but not with CE 9xx ng… This is so frustrating because the n2 or n2+ and S905x3 are supposed to be more powerfull even if it’s badly encoded file when you have to plug your old device to play it its annoying

We’re checking the problem and get back to you when we have something.

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I just found another movie with another like similar issue but less annoying. This other one is different because encoded to 23fps and CE play it at 24Hz with some jerk… I will try to put a sample file tm

Wow, I had never seen such a bad case of stuttering as this sample, on my Odroid N2.
I tried the software decoder and is much smoother, although I don’t know how the original should look like, seems almost as god as SMPlayer in Windows.

I wonder how many of these type of threads need to be open to be acknowledged that the hardware decoder on 9xx has issues …

You can open as many threads as you want and complain as much as you want. It won’t force the lazy developers to fix your problems faster than others.

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I just downloaded and replayed your file… I can confirm the issue with your file and all my videos have the same problem. Here’s the link to my post, logs and testvideo:

As said above we’re checking and trying to solve this problem. But don’t expect news until next week at least.

For sure we will wait for and we understand that is a job to fix it… no worry. thanks for your time CE team

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There is a new nightly 20210402 from Portisch … I don’t know if this nightly fix this very odd video effects issue ?

Hello team
Can we hope to see this problem fixed soon ? Do you need a longer sample ?

This type of encoded media is very unpopular (24.000384Hz) and it will require a lot of (free) time. So I guess not soon, no.

Ok… good to know… too bad … post closed …
Thank you

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