Video stutters with subtitle active on S912

I have an issue with my Beelink GT1 Ulimate S912 since the beginning of my Coreelec use.
Currently i use 9.0.1, but this issue is not new.
In case i activate the subtitle, the video starts to slightly stutter. With nothing but video on the screen, it is always smooth.
It is not only about subtitle. If anything is overlay on the screen while playing a movie (info, menu) - the playback stutters.
Additional info: In case of background playback behind “control menu” on the screen the slight stutter is not disturbing too much. But with subtitle - well, this is another case.

BTW: Frame rate sync is successfully activated also on my Sony 4k TV, and as i mentioned: pure video playback is perfect with 24p, etc.
Please help, or advise if i can save and send logs, or change some tweak settings.

P.S.: Thanks for the dev team for the whole project - Kodi/Libre/Coreelec makes these cheap chinese boxes extremely useful.

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Create an advancedsettings.xml file with this command:


Copy in the /.Kodi/userdata/ folder and reboot.

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Thanks. Worked perfectly! The GUI, or subtitle has no effect on the playback now. I see no side effects.

The only side effect is 3-6°C higher CPU idle temperature, so check that from time to time.

good afternoon. I can not find that folder in the kodi file browser. Can you help me?

Settings / Media Settings / General / Show hidden Files
Make sure you’re in Expert Mode to see this option.
Use SMB . Much easier.

Thank you, I did not have it enabled. But to put that file I use the file manager of kodi? Or I have to use another program since I still do not find that route (/.Kodi/userdata/)

Add source / Browse for new shares
Home folder / Storage / .kodi