VIM3L CoreELEC edition issues

I’ve just received a CoreELEC edition VIM3L from Khadas but have a couple of major issues that hopefully someone can help with.
Firstly its incorrectly flagging everything as HDR content even the GUI,
I’ve tried it connected to my Denon amp and also directly to my TV and with two different certified HDMI cables but get the same thing.

Secondly I cannot get any digital audio working, with passthrough enabled and trying every setting I can see any video with any sort of digital audio locks up after one or two minutes and then there is no sound at all even on the GUI until I reboot.
Again I’ve tried this with the device connected to my amp and directly to the TV and get the same results.
The only way I can get any digital sound is to set the passthrough device as spdif then I will get normal DTS and DD but nothing else.

This has shipped with CoreELEC 9.2.0 is there an updated build that will work or has this been released by Khadas before its ready?