Under WindowsKodi, lots of great visualizations are available. Not so under Linux/CoreElec, unfortunately. There are a few like ProjectM or Shadertoy but they don’t seem to be maintained and don’t currently work.

So, anything that can be done from here? Any other recommendations? I miss Milkdrop2!

Run anything other than the standard visualization and it will crash your system after a short time. Has been this way for as long as I can remember and certainly back to Krypton.


Any progress on visualizations? Currently none work.

The standard bar-graph works for me, but it often fails to launch. ShaderToy also works but you have to launch it manually each time.
This is a Kodi issue rather than CE so you will have to take it up there.



Anything new on the matter with projectM on CE?
projectM v2.2.0 has been rolled out and is working mighty fine on Android…

Cheers! :beers:

I’d love to see something working too. I miss the visualisations :cry:

Most of the Shadertoys seem to be working and stable at this point, they even launch automatically most of the time.


Any progress? None of available visualisations works. No solution for that?

projectM for the Odroid N2 would be amazing :slight_smile:

Would love working Shadertoys and ProjectM, too. Great viz is the one area where Windows is better than ELEC.

Shadertoy is working with me

As I understand it (and I may be wrong) some of the visualizations are not available on ARM due to either only being compatible with x86 or being dependent on OpenGL, which we don’t have in CE on ARM.

Yep quite a lot of the shadertoy visualisations simply don’t work, but there are enough that do.

How do you select and control them? I only get a single one.

When the media is playing there is a button on the media controls which has a drop down menu for selecting the screensaver.

There should be OpenGL ES, why not available? It works even on old Openelec builds for OrangePI, all visualisations work like a charm. Actually there is no any working visualisation on CE, not even single one. Blank screen while playing music.

Btw, not true that x86 is required, visualisations work fine on Android in Kodi, Android is arm. Only Open GL ES is required

If no visualizations except the blank screen are working on your device, there is something completely wrong in your system. A lot are working on CE, and only a few very fancy ones are only working on x86 hardware.

Maybe you should consider a fresh installation on a second sd card (without restoring a backup) just to see, if your problems are gone on a mostly vanilla installation.

Which one is confirmed working? On all devices? I own Mxq. Any visualisation I choose, it never starts

About half of the shadertoy work for me. They often fail to launch initially but if I go between the media controls and full screen that usually kicks them in.

Most of the Shadertoy one’s also working here with latest builds

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