Wake corelec with bluetooth remote?

Any trick to make it happen?, tried few remotes but none can be mapped to wake from shutoff or sleep mode. Device N2

You can’t do that with bluetooth, only Ethernet, IR and I think with USB.

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How about OSMC remote?
can it be mapped to wake corelec?

I’m not familiar with it, but from looking at it, I don’t think it has IR. It also doesn’t have a power button.

It uses RF, buttons can be remapped with buttonremapper addon in kodi.
But i guess the usb connectors on N2 are not active during sleep

I think that it’s possible to have USB powered on during sleep, in that case it should be possible to wake it up using RF buttons.

On N2 you can now configure USB power by removing # and setting usbpower=1 by editing “config.ini” file:

#- USB Power Control
#- You can use this setting to enable 5v power on the USB ports when entering suspend or power off,
#- 0=off/1=on

USB wake up isn’t supported. Bluetooth is supported but not enabled and I never was testing it as all BT remotes I have do have an IR power button.
You can try this to check if you receive an IR code of your power button:

Thanks, gave up the BT remotes and ordered an Minix NEO A2 Lite remote.
Bit bulky but should be fully functional on N2