WakeOnLan not working


I am running the latest 9.2.1 om an eMMC.

“cat /proc/cmdline says” wol = 1 en “ethtool” says wol = ug When sending the magic packet to the NIC after suspending the N2, nothing wakes up. I do see the amber LED of the NIC flashing when suspended.

When runnnig “nc- lu -p 9” or tcpdump on coreelec I can see the packet arriving.

I also tested with the latest official Ubuntu build from hardkernel and have no problems waking up the device using the same technique.

Can someone please give me a hint how to configure CE correctly to enable WakeOnLan?



same here
thanks for reporting

We are aware of it and looking into it.

Hi, thx for the response and all the great work you guys/gals are doing with coreelec. For the time being I have a workaround with a power button on my N2 :slight_smile:


Similar issue here - suspend works ( wakeup via cec ), but wake-on-lan does not work.
I do see that ethtool reports the wol as disabled ( Wake-on: d )
/proc/cmdline includes enable_wol=1
manually enabling wol with ethtool -s eth0 wol g changes reported status in ethtool, but doesn’t render wol functional

Running emmc - nightly_20191214, but 9.2.1 doesn’t work either

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It seems to be broken since the 9.2.1 update ! I use the wol exclusively to power on my N2. I hope you’ll find a fix ;-), but you’re the best, I trust you !
Thanks for your work

I tried with the last nightly and the WOL is back ! Everything works perfectly ! Congrats devs

installed the latest nightly today
using yatse android remote to send a WOL but it still not working
any explain how to set up the WOL properly on the odroid N2 with Coreelec ??

thanks in advance

Have you checked in CoreELEC settings under hardware if the option is enabled?

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yes was all checked but found the error the mac adress i used was not right.
now everything works fine and i dont need to pull the power supply any more everytime to Start the Odroid N2!
But thanks for the quick reply. wish all the Team the best for 2020!!! Regards

Using 20191230 nightly, wake-on-lan from poweroff works reliably, but for some reason wakeup from sleep only works once ( 1 sleep + wakeup cycle ) but doesn’t afterwards ( wakeup via cec still works, so the device isn’t wedged )

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I have the same problem…


I’m thinking about switching my MediaCenter vom RPi4 to LePotato and CoreElec.
Wake on LAN would be a big argument to do so. Is it working again? Is it generally working on LePotato?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I just tried this as would be great to power on without having to get up. Where do you enter the MAC Address??

what changed that wake on lan is so broken past 9.2.0? As mentioned with the nightly it only works once on suspend and on 9.2.1 it is not working at all.

This fixed yet?

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Not for me with the nightly_20200218 and Odroid N2

X96 Air, same issue. It worked fine not too long ago but I can’t be sure when it broke.

WOL (working only once) should be fixed with tomorrows nightly.


Thank you. It seems I only miss something when it’s broken.