We need development support

this is jeevan from bangalore, india
we require coreelec Ui customization service

i have SOC board : Amlogic 905w CPU, 1 GB DDR3 Ram, 8 GB Flash
This board is a regular android box

i need to discuss project costing - time taken - technical details
let me know your contact details skype or email id

CoreELEC is not Android. We are also not open for hire. And all in all it would be too expensive.


Not full Ui customization
i need to remove some of the option which is not required

i just need to only my applications to run and access in it

if expensive can i know approx cost - so that i can plan for this project

CoreELEC is not intended for commercial use, therefore we don’t have any specific price/cost plans.
If you want to use CoreELEC for commercial products, and want to have our approval and/or our help with it, you need to contact us directly, and explain what your plans are for the software.

On another note, removing the items you don’t need from the main menu is a configuration thing, you don’t need us for it.

intention is not purely commercial, planned to use open source OS, and distribute in low cost to entry level schools and startup office to cut down there computer cost

may be i need to spend more time on porting coreelec and customization on amlogic soc
self customization will take lot time and may be lead to bug issues also
so i planned to take expert support

so let me know your contact details like skype id for further discussion on customization and support cost

Ok. CoreELEC is really a media center OS, centered around Kodi.
Unless you intend it for playing media, I don’t see how it can be of any use in schools.
Maybe it’s best to look at devices like the Odroid C4 (or N2+) and the Ubuntu Linux image that Odroid offers.

as i said before this is used for schools and startup
they require just a chrome browser to access the content for digital library

presently using tanix tx3mini, 905w with 2 GB ram

So i need to remove all default applications and install only browser and some usefull apps

Is the plan to have devices only to play video/audio files? If yes, then depending on the school’s setup, CE may be used for it.
But you need to understand, CoreELEC does not support internet browsers, you can’t browse any type of websites with it. It is only designed to function as a home theater device.
It also most likely lacks security features a school would like to be in place.

the device is not used for media play back or entertainment

some of the youtube links shows browser support

coreelec - linux kernel and UI is fine for me
planning to use browser and freerdp application
can you customize coreelec to use only above applications example like armbian os
or can we install .deb file of linux applications

You cannot run it on CoreELEC. It’s only possible on systems that use X11 windows subsystem, and CoreELEC doesn’t.

do your team support on x11 windows subsystem
like armbian os or a light weight linux os to run only browser and .deb files?

No, it’s not possible on our platform.

Ok thanks for all your reply

can i know the steps to transfer core elec from
sd card to internal emmc
(delete android and replace with coreelec)

Thanks for all your replies

It seems to me with your use case that your best bet is to ROOT the Android install on your Tanix devices so you can remove un-needed apps. With a little expertise you also may be able to do the modifications on one device and then create an image that you copy to all the others to save time.
Android should run a browser and openrdp just fine.

Yes presently i have customized android by using launcher, but user interface/experience is different compared to android and linux

i need to use linux applications, so planning to port it

presently using armbian os, but its is full OS

i need minimal options like only device settings; to run my linux application
to use like embedded device

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