Webgrab+ addon

I have s905 box with Coreelec on SD card.
I can find webgrab+ addon.
I need webgrab+ for epg.

Since Mono is deprecated and webgrab+ depends on it - webgrab+ is broken.
The Thoradia repository has picked up support for it - but this is set to only be available on LE.

Effectively its dead.


Is it posible to connect webgrab from rasppbery pi to be used on coreelec?
I can get guide.xml on storage on my lan

Or is there any way to have epg on coreelec?
URL to provider epg wont work on coreelec.
Same URL work OK on android tv.

Mono and WebGrab+ from Thoradia repository works also for CE.
Download Mono, WebGrabPlus and install them from zip.


For me it works in Tvheadend:
tools.mono- https://mega.nz/#!rC4nkaDI!7xbP6NiliMMFFS4E4UeecB1is0DblWtpnWrtVMnyPbY


How to connect webgrab epg file with channels on my m3u list?

You probably have to do it manually…the “system” doesn’t know that channel x on your EPG xml is channel y on your playlist so you have 2 options…

You can either edit your channel names in your playlist to match the channel names in your WebGrab++.config.xml… iptv simple client will then match the names…
or you can add something like this in your playlist:

This way you can leave channel name as is in playlist and just edit the “x” to match the WebGrab++.config…
1.#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="x" tvg-name="x",channel name

Otherwise you can take an easier approach and edit the WebGrab++.config.xml directly without touching your playlist…
Just edit the “xyz” to match the channel name in your playlist…
1.channel update="i" site="whatever.com" site_id="99" xmltv_id="xyz">xyz</channel

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I got EPG.xml on my raspberry.
How I can connect iptv simple client url path to raspberry?

PVR IPTV Simple Client …Settings… EPG Settings…
Location=Local Path
XMLTVPath= /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.webgrabplus/guide.xml

I cannot set this so I use another way…
I can get provider epg localy on my coreelec box with autostart.sh script.
Problem is that pvr service and importing guide starts before guide data (xmltv.xml) is downloaded from provider server.
Is there any solution to delay pvr service and importing guide for some time… 10-20 sec?
Or maybe delayed start for kodi?

mojcore, download your xmltv from autostart.sh and then point to this file from pvr client.

I did it and its working OK after I restart plugin.
Problem is that epg is not downloaded before pvr client start so I must have some kind of delay to pvr or kodi. Otherwise I need always manually restart plugin to get epg.

Then you wrote autostart.sh wrong. I’m using same thing and it is working fine because first file is download and then Kodi is start.

Maybe you have your commands inside (…)& which means commands are run in a background. Which is wrong in this case. Show us your autostart.sh file.

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wget ‘http://server.ba:8000/xmltv.php?username=user&password=pass’ -O /storage/downloads/LOCALepg/xmltv.xml

Removing ()& do the trick.

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If I wont another command ih autostart.sh after command1 goes ; or not?


No need for ; at the end of the line. Just type commands on a separate lines.

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thanks working in Odroid N2 coreelec 9.2

If you think that Webgrab+ is difficult to use, there is an alternative to easily integrate all the EPG guides you want on tvheadend from the internet.

The alternative is here:

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