Weird shaking on subtitles

Hey! Having some problems with subtitles, been like this for quite a while, so It’s not a new issue The text “shakes” sometime, it’s kind of hard to explain, so I’ll let this GIF do it for me. Any ideas what’s causing it?

No one? Am I the only one with this problem? I have Minix UH-9 if that helps.

Never seen that before. Looking at your GIF, the subtitles appear very large. Can you try making the font smaller and see if that makes a difference. Also, are you connected via HDMI cable to your TV from the minix?
You could try changing the cable and/or changing the TV if you can to see if you can replicate it.
That’s all I can think of…good luck.

One more thing, are these subs .srt files or .sub etc and are they embedded into an MKV for example or are they a separate stream? Does this happen on all videos you have? It may be a case of having to do some experimentation to see if you can find a common pattern.

My first opinion is a cable issue. Never seen that before, I don’t know what is the real issue. You changed something in subtitle settings, size, place, etc?

Pretty sure it’s not a cable issue, I can run HDR 4K movies without any issues. ukmark62, you’re right, I have to try and find a pattern, I’m not sure if the shakiness applies to both embedded subtitles and .srt files. I’ll do some investigating and report back.

It looks to me, as if this is a problem of some image processing on your TV.
Could you please deactivate any motion smoothener and try to reproduce the problem?

I have it as well, my box is also a s912 (Beelink GT1 Ultimate), probably a chipset issue,( like the green/red lines)

Did you change something related to subtitles from default settings?
Is it repeatable on both 9.0.2 and latest nightly?

It’s random, settings are default. I use the devel 1557994086

Could you please try my suggestion above?

On my old Panasonic I do not have a motion smoothener :expressionless: