Wetek Play 2 no 5g wifi

Can’t see any 5g WiFi on local network. Latest CE, updated this morning.

Latest what ???
Nightly ???
Stable ???
It worked before ???

Latest stable. And I don’t know if it was ever working with CE, it was on LE.

I’ve reboot now and it says nightly 1023109 . So, probably nightly update.

Did you do a fresh install using
Renaming it to dtb.img
Or did you just update from LE using a CE update .tar ???

Please upload link to SSH using command below
udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/sdio* | paste

And I’ve just updated from LE and reset CE.

Please read a bit from here
Please do a fresh CE install.
We don’t want to look for an issue caused by updating from LE to CE.
It’s not supported.

Like I’ve mentioned in my first post I’ve lost my remote control, so, no dual boot. The only solution for me was to flash libreelec to nand and to upgrade to CE cause I didn’t find CE images for nand instalation.