What is best skin for CoreELEC 9.1 nightlys

what is best skin to use with CoreELEC 9.1 nightlys. Currently i’m using AURA seems to be a nice skin works good

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Whatever you like best.
The most compatible is the stock Estuary skin.

Aeon Nox SILVO

Emininence 2.0 best skin for kodi by far

Confluence :slight_smile:

For me: Confluence!

Estuary mod V2 The best well-configurable skin.



My farovite skin is Xonfluence.

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Confluence is good, but no coreelec set, can’t set bluetooth.

“coreelec set” is just an add-on so you can access it from any skin by going to:-

Add-ons --> Program Add-ons --> CoreELEC Configuration

Lyrebird (replacement to Mimic) is great if you like simple interfaces. I use it on everything.


since Confluence v4.6.7 there is a menu entry for CoreELEC settings on the OPTIONS page of Confluence. The Kodi addon repository contains only v4.6.5, but you can install latest v4.6.8 from zipfile (https://github.com/xbmc/skin.confluence)

v4.6.8 also includes archive support :slight_smile:
In the link posted above simply click the green clone or download button and then click on download zip.

@pepeq Ok, I wouldn’t know I don’t use Confluence… I was simply pointing out to @brucecao that the CoreELEC add-on is just that an add-on and therefore can be used in any skin regardless of weather or not there is a dedicated menu item for it.

yes, I should have replied better to @brucecao:wink:

Can you manage to include always the latest version of Confluence from Github to the CoreELEC repo?
Or to the Kodi repo?

I will need to look into it, but I think it shouldn’t be too hard.

I use AEON MQ8.
Each time I try another skin, I come back to AEON MQ.
Maybe because I am use to :wink:

Thanks!@roidy @pepeq

“Titan Bingie” is great.
Looks and behaves exactly like the Netflix App on Smart TVs.