What media player do you own?


RK3328 box:
Zidoo X7
Bweel MVR9

S912 box:
Minix U9

after 6 month bad experience with 23,976fps issues, i ordered U9 and all my problems are gone.
issues on android (judder every 15 minutes) for local MKVS,using no streaming
and on LE (audio dropouts every 5 minutes) for local MKVS using no streaming


Raspberry 1,2,3 (retired)
Amazon firetv 1,2 rooted
Amazon firetv Stick rooted
Mecool M8spro mod active cooling, Magendanz Android ROM
Mecool M8s pro L mod active cooling, Magendanz Android ROM
Mecool KI pro mod active cooling, TVheadend Server with Digibit R1 satip-axe
Mecool KI pro mod active cooling
Wetek play 2 still on Android 5.1
Beelink MiniXIII 2 (retired)

the only place here without Mediacenter is the bathroom, there is a tablet…


I have two s905x boxes.

Tanix Tx3 Pro

Both of them have LE on internal and CE 8.90.0 on sdcard


I have two S905X Boxes and two S912 (one a H96pro and the other Beelink Ultimate GT 3GB)

On one of the two i have latest CoreElec and on the other latest LE 8.2.31

Greetings from Germany.



I have two MiniMX boxes (Beelink clones) S905 2G/16G and
two X96 S905X 2G/16G. All of em cost peanuts and run the latest CE very well.
My only complaint was with the crap remotes but they have all been replaced with Harmony remotes so ‘all good’ :+1:


Hi. I have wetek play 2 but looking / waiting for something better :slight_smile:


Odroid C2 :crazy_face:

Oh. And raspi 2&3…
Forgot,… ATV3


Odroid C2 (my absolute favorite)
WeTek Hub
Minix U9-H
Zidoo something box
Odroid N1
ROC-RK3328-CC (Renegade)
Pine H64
Odroid XU4


Angeber :stuck_out_tongue:

    (goiles Teil)
  • Beelink Mini MXIII
    (Am meisten im Einsatz)
  • KIII
    (auch n schickes Teil)
  • Khadas VIM
  • ROCK64
    (grosses Potential)


Same with crap remotes and harmony, but I went back to a 650, didn’t like the battery drain on the new models
I use a flirc with my minix and it was the best purchase I made, the harmony remote runs really nicely with it.

  • Wetek play 2
  • Mecool KII pro


wetek play 2 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


S912 X92 with a little passive cooling modification
HD video temperature - 60-61°C
UHD - 64°C


My media players with some pasive cooling modifications:
X92, X96 Mini and RPi3


Odroid C2 2x (my favourite)
Odroid XU3, XU4, XU4Q
Rock64 (hope there will be a fix for deinterlacing live tv soon)
Raspberry pi3 2x, raspberrry pi3b+
Vero 4K (really good)
Wetek play2
Tanix tx3 Mini
X96 nano pro
Cubox i 4 pro


Mecool M8S Pro + (Magendanz ATV Rom)


Unfortunately, I got bit by the Android box bug about 5 years ago. Since then I have purchased more than 2 dozen of these boxes. Some were good, but by today’s standards, most were/are junk…

Here are some of the ones that I tinker with on a daily basis. Yes, I have about 8 of these devices connected to my main TV at all times. My AVR has 5 inputs on the rear, and my TV has 3 more HDMI inputs. I also have an HDMI splitter. Um, my coffee table is full of remotes.

Mk808B Plus (Amlogic M805) OpenELEC, Tvheadend server >> retired
Ubox R89 (Rockchip 3288) Ubuntu 16.04 tvheadend, Emby server
Pine 64 (Alwinner) Ubuntu 16.04 Emby, Plex, server
Beelink MiniMXIII (Amlogic S905) LibreELEC 9.1?, Youtube and Netflix for spare bedroom.
Mecool M8S Pro (Amlogic S912) CoreELEC, tvheadend server
Mecool M8S Pro L with Bluetooth Voice Remote (Amlogic s912)modded with active cooling, CoreELEC
Mecool M8S Pro L (Amlogic S912) stock running Android 7, bedroom
Mecool M8S Pro Plus (Amlogic S905x) running Magendanz’s ATV port
X9 (Mini M8S2 clone) (Amlogic S905x) Ubuntu 16.04, Emby, Plex server
Nexux Player (Intel Atom) Android Oreo
Xiaomi MiBox (Amlogic S905x) Android
Zidoo X9S (Realtek RTD1295) rarely used ** boring **
Remix Mini (Alwinner) retired
Minix NEO X8-H PLUS (Amlogic S802-H) gave away
Numerous older Android boxes, mostly gave away.
Tronsmart Ara X5 (Intel Cherry Trail Z8300) Windows 10, connected to bedroom TV
Vorke 2 (Intel Skylake I7-6500U) Windows 10, connected to main TV
Synology NAS 2 and WD NAS for media storage and HDHomeRun DVR
HDHomeRun Connect
HDHomeRun EXtend


I have a Minix U1 for about a year now, running LE on SD, converting to CE. but truth be told I also have a Fire and Roku sticks.