Which SD card is better, higher read or write in 4K benchmark?



I have two SD cards:

Samsung Evo Plus with 10MB/3MB read/write speed in 4K
Kingston 5/4

Is Samsung better for CoreElec in a normal use?



From what I understand, SD cards are most often the bottleneck due to read/write speed. I read that wrxstasy recommended the Samsung Evo Select that is a Amazon only product, but I bought a similiar Samsung SD card without the “Select”, on paper it should have the same specs.

So, I would go for the Samsung Evo Plus if I needed to choose from these two, but I think you should consider another oppinion as well


What is this 4K benchmark?
Unless you’re playing 4K content from the SD card itself, it doesn’t matter what card you use for CE from a functionality perspective.
In reality, both of those cards will be slow for CE.


a common 4K benchmark

You want to say that CE is slow for almost everyone when almost everyone uses any SD card?? :slight_smile:

In reality the speed of Kingston is very well, so really don’t understand what you mean.

So what would you recommend?


It depends on what you do with CE.
But the slower the card, the slower overall performance and response times you will have.
Things like thumbnails for channels/movies/series will load slower, and any other storage related operations will be slower with slow SD cards.
Now that I see what you meant by 4K benchmark, I think I’d go with the faster Samsung card.
Even though it has slower write speeds, I think that read speeds are more important, because you read data from storage a lot more often than you write data.


thx, I was thinking the same

But is there any solution to make it faster on MeCool KIII with the full support here?


so could you please propose the best solution, the fastest with the full support here?


Use a fast SD card.


i know that, so which one do you recommend :slight_smile:


I got a few of these, and they seem to work well.
I’m sure you can find faster ones, but these cards were pretty cheap and do the job.
Sandisk 16GB Ultra Micro SD SDHC Card UHS-I Class10 A1 98MB/s


these both I mentioned above are almost identical, maybe even better :slight_smile: