Widevine cdm 13816.64.0

Just to double check if other users experience same:
A recent update of libwidevinecdm.so to 13816.64.0 gives
Unable to load widevine shared library
OpenDRMSystem failed
Reverting back to 13729.56.0 (hard link from userdata/addon_data/script.module.inputstreamhelper/backup/13729.56.0/libwidevinecdm.so to cdm/libwidevinecdm.so) solves issue.

Can’t play netflix so I think I’m encountered the same problem

From where do you get these version numbers?

Info from “InputStream Helper Information” => Widevine CDM version 4.10.1679.0 as the latest version, and Netflix and HBO_Go streams play without any problem…

13816.64.0, is a Chrome OS platform version. May 2021.


From where do you get these version numbers?

They also are the names of the backup directories held in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.module.inputstreamhelper/backup/

/storage/.kodi/cdm/libwidevinecdm.so itself is a hard link to the most recent one there.

I reverted that link to second most recent one on my setup in order to tmp fix issue.

Use InputStream Helper to switch between different Widevine versions, upgrade/downgrade or backup and restore them, as well as to install Widevine. It will show version numbers also without having to use the shell.

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It works now. Go to addons, update addons. Then go to InputStream Helper and reinstall Widevine :slight_smile:

Did you reboot after reinstall?
Can you give md5sum of /storage/.kodi/cdm/libwidevinecdm.so and give output of
ls /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.module.inputstreamhelper/backup
mine is
13505.111.0 13729.56.0 13816.64.0
and 13816.64.0 does not work after reinstall and reboot.
Also, InputStreamHelper v0.5.3 update does not fix problem for me.

No. I just reinstalled and it worked.

Can you give md5sum of /storage/.kodi/cdm/libwidevinecdm.so

3144866613a7f691b8cb07df6bbc4d80  libwidevinecdm.so

give output of
ls /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.module.inputstreamhelper/backup
mine is
13505.111.0 13729.56.0 13816.64.0

13729.56.0 13816.64.0

that’s 13729.56.0 (size 7297324)

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