Widevine CDM install issue - running out of memory?

Newbie here so please be gentle. :slight_smile:

I am running Coreelec 19.3-Matrix (stable) on a S905 box with 2GB RAM booting off a 16GB SD card.

I have installed the Netflix plugin which installs InputStream Helper 0.5.8+matrix.1 and InputStream Adaptive

The InputStream Helper needs to download ChromeOS so that it can extract the Widevine CDM module due to Google’s distribution terms.

The issue is that the system consistently fails about 2/3 the way through the download and eventually reboots. I cannot get it to install the widevine CDM module.

Monitoring I see the disk space remains constant but free RAM drops constantly until the system chokes. I assume the download is being done to memory or a ram fs.

The pre-download message says “at least” 1015MB of disk space will be required but research suggests 3GB is required to hold the image and perform the extraction before it is discarded.

I have tried redirecting the temp location, but it seems the location is limited to the profile file system.

Is this expected for devices with only 2GB RAM ? (given the target platform for the build this would be odd ???)

Is there a documented way to manually update the system ? Say using another system (Linux or other) and copying the files over ?

Thanks in advance

I am unable to replicate this issue on a Nexbox A95X-B7N with 1 Gb memory and 8 Gb storage.

Please try again with a different SD Card.

Also: no log, no problem.

Thank you for your reply and for checking on similar low resource hardware.
Also thank you for link on how to access logs. I did look in normal /var/log location typical for *nix platforms before posting.
I have replicated issue and looked at logs but they do not appear to contain anything after the reboot caused by the issue (issue timestamp 22 November 20:16, system rebooted at 20:18)
Here are the logs:

This is a fresh install on a relatively new SANdisk class 10 16GB card, but I will obtain a new card and try again with a new image and report back.


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