Wifi dongle on Odroid N2?

Any recommendations on what USB wifi dongle to use with Coreelec on an Odroid N2?

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Dont they have recommended ones on the Odroid site?

Where are you based and what kind of connectivity are you looking for.
I have used a few different types with my N2 and they have all worked. Currently I use a D Link DWA-171 without issue.
The reason I asked for your location is you could buy the Odroid adaptors from different sites in different countries.

I use EDUP EP-AC1619 USB WiFi Adapter 600Mbps Dual Band Wireless with RTL8811AU chipset. It works OK on CE and Android.

Thank you for the replies. I am in Australia so the postage to buy from Hardkernel is high.
For connectivity, my N2 running Coreelec (Kodi) is streaming 1080p x264 videos from my server via SMB3.
I’ll see if the D-Link DWA-171 and EDUP EP-AC1619 (or similar RTL8811AU) is available locally


I’ve got a dongle, but my network isn’t reconnecting after a reboot. I have to re-enter the password etc. Any fixes you all know of? Got this box for my in-laws. Thank you!

Hi, i am having issues getting my D-Link DWA-171 working on my Odroid N2, any chance someone can provide a stepby step guide to help get it working?

WiFi module 5A should work

Just ordered a couple if these to test. Thanks!
I got a rtl8812au which has issues (keeps dropping network). Let’s see if the 11AU is consistent. This will be my last attempt before I drop wifi completely for the odroids.

Any luck? I’m not having much success keeping my 5a dongle connected to wifi.

Unfortunately, no.
The supplier cancelled the order due to no stock.
I will leave it for now. If I find something that works by chance i will report back.

So…reporting back.
For reasons unknown to me the rtl8812au based adapter started working reliably. Tried it again just for fun and it’s steady for two days now…

I replied on a similar topic to another user not so long ago, about power settings for dongles that might help

if you run iwconfig is the "power management enabled and if it is, does running iwconfig wlan0 power off make any difference to connection stability? If it works there are a couple of ways to make the change permanent.

Secondly I noticed from the replies that nobody suggested setting a “reserved” IP address for the network adaptor in the DHCP settings on your router, it does help connection stability.

iwconfig does not work (not found).
I checked the access point, and it said powermanagement is (and has always been) disabled for this device.
Always using dhcp reservations personally, but i dont think it should make a difference to be honest. Just glad it works now, although cant say how it was ‘fixed’.

Did You install network tools ?

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Ah, pff. Of course that would help :wink:
I will have a look later to see if i can learn something, thanks.

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…aaannnd rtl8812au broke again with nightly 21-4 sigh.
When I got done time I’ll try and do the debug log game again…

See: Looking for users with no working WiFi or BT - Development - CoreELEC Forums
Looks like at least for this type adapter there will be no solution.
Considering the pile of non-working adapters i now have laying around i dont think i will pursue this any further.

That RTL8812AU chipset is a bit touchy on Linux machines, I did turn up this “tweaking” guide for your router for that chipset on Linux if you want to go through it.

  • Security: Set WPA2-AES. Do not set WPA2 mixed mode or WPA or TKIP.
  • Channel width for 2.4G: Set 20 MHz fixed width. Do not use 40 MHz or 20/40 automatic.
  • Channels for 2.4G: Set channel 1 or 6 or 11 depending on the congestion at your location. Do not set automatic channel selection.
  • Mode for 2.4G: Set “N only” if you no longer use B or G capable devices.
  • Network names: Do not set the 2.4G Network and the 5G Network to the same name. Note: Unfortunately many routers come with both networks set to the same name.
  • Channels for 5G: Not all devices are capable of using DFS channels. It may be necessary to set channel 36 or 149 fixed depending on the congestion at your location.

There was also another user with a similar issue a few months back, I read a post from on the HK forums, that turned out to be not the network adaptor but a dongle for a USB keyboard & mouse causing issues, which is where I got the idea from to add a 15cm USB extender to my air mouse remote dongle to move it away from any interference.

Its a long shot but do you have anything like that installed in your device and have you tried the Wi-Fi dongle without it?

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