Witch device tree for remote mecool

well i put the ip adres of the box in the addres bar from my w7 pc but it says connection refused so i cannot put the files in the maps any idea why this is

How do you put it? You want to access your box or want to send some commands via SSH?
Simply way to use remote.conf if the echo “meson-ir * mecool” > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg command doesn’t work.

well i want to reach the box over internet like putting the ip address from the box in the bar on top off my pc but it sayd connection refused i read somewere that i have to put 8080 behind the ip address is this correct

i put the ip adress without www or https just the numbers

If you use ip adress:8080 you will get remote access to your box. If you want to copy something to your box need a file manager, for ex.Total commander on Windows or WinSCP. Or other way, use your box to connect to your PC and copy from there.

I use coreftp lite to move files around

i didnt know that i will try this i lett it know thanks a lot now i have to watch football ajax

well this is what happens with wincp

These servers would generally use code 4 (Failure) for many errors for which there is a specific code defined in the later versions of SFTP protocol, such as:

  • Renaming a file to a name of already existing file.
  • Creating a directory that already exists.
  • Moving a remote file to a different filesystem (HDD).
  • Uploading a file to a full filesystem (HDD).
  • Exceeding a user disk quota.

well i can not put the files in the maps because i got code 4 see above strange why is this happen

can someone please explane to me whats going wrong

You can copy the files using Windows, I don’t understand why you are overcomplicating stuff.
Open File Explorer in Windows. Go to the address bar.
type in \\YOUR.BOX.IP (ie. \\ or whatever it is, you can check the IP address in Settings -> System Information in Kodi)
Then you’ll have access to all the folders you would ever need.

thanks for your answer but that doesnt work i get to a blank site on my pc i disable firewall and virus from pc but i cant reach the box so thats wy i tried to do it with wiscp but than i got the message above i got frustrated from my box but i trie very hard to got it to work so thanks for al your help here if anyone has an other suggestion to get the job done i would be very happy

Not Internet Explorer, but File Explorer.
Like “My Computer”, C:, etc.
Something like this:

So many times I’ve tried to explain this to friends and family.
I don’t even use Windooooooze. Made a quick screen record on my Mac using VM Ware.

thanks for all your help but it will not work
i do it exactly like you start my computer but no and i got a screen with no maps it says ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED i shut off all my security but i cant reach the box what is happening here

Certainly did not activate ssh on your device!

yes i have it enabled but i have found another way true configuration screen than network and there i see the box and all the mapsproblem is i have no map storage so i clicked configuration there i see the map rc keys i paste there the file m8spro + but i cant find the map storage so i paste rc_maps.cfg to config files and then i have to reboot and YES it works . so i want to thank everybodi for helping me that is great no i only have dubt if it is better to install internall i think it would be much faster than on a sd card what are you all running internal or sd card

I believe it is not interesting for you to install on the internal immediately.
Have a little more reading, see the risks, make sure you can reverse the situation yourself if you have problems.
Make sure you have the nescessarios files saved from the original firmware, then you can play as you want.
Never blame the team or anyone in case something wrong happens.
And all at your own risk.

I make it very clear to you here
CoreELEC does not support devices with internal installation.
If you have a problem, you can solve it yourself!

yes thats ok i think i will buy a decent sd card and let it run from there maybe it is faster on a decent card than if it plays by android on the moment i am very happy if kodi runs on my android system so i will look what the bennefits are if i let kodi run from sd card by coreelec anyway i want to thank everybodie for the patience with me i will test furder and lett yoy now grtz

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