WPA3 supported?

Please clarify - does Coreelec support wpa3 for wifi connections?

Linux should support since Kernel 5.1
CoreELEC currently use 4.9 Kernel, so I guess no.

Shame, thanks for info. Although, Android still supports wpa3 on 4.x kernels

Feel free to use Android.
WPA3 is still new and WPA2 is still working

You don’t need to be rude. I purchased new router, and Coreelec device is going to be the only one that needs wpa2. So I will need to enable more weak wpa2 and don’t use wpa3. So I am asking if wpa3 is even planned.

I could connect via Ethernet, but my device has no ethernet, so I am stuck on wpa2

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If you device has USB ports you could consider a USB Ethernet adaptor.

That works unstable, very often device not visible after boot and there’s no network

I’ve used a USB ethernet adapter for about a year, and it was rock solid, so your claim is inaccurate.
Maybe your device has a poor power supply, or you have a bad usb/ethernet adapter.

Yes, that’s poor power supply. But it also may be some issue with Linux driver for that specific hardware (ethernet + usb hub from MiBox, powered with extrenal power supply) I need hub because device includes only single usb port.

The same adapter works just fine with MiBox, so it’s not damaged. I did not bother with any deeper investigation, because that wasn’t needed

I doubt it has anything to do with kernel versions. Maybe the driver could be updated and also wpa_supplicant. Still a niche request

No promises about it getting added, however this is something that the developers might be able to look into at a later date. Currently I don’t know if any of the developers even have a router/ap that supports wpa3. So would need to start with figuring out if one of the developers even has the hardware and if they have the time to look into it. Everybody working on CoreELEC is doing this as a hobby, so time and hardware is not always available to look into everything that would be nice to add.

Yes I know wpa3 is not very popular so far.

Do you wonder? Performant WPA3 router do cost much and security wise it’s harder to fix than WPA2 was https://forum.openwrt.org/t/are-wpa2-wpa3-design-flaws-fixable-if-not-advise-to-use-vpn/71969 - if you don’t buy from a trustful/knowledgeable manufacturer I’d advise against WPA3 as he has to mitigate all those possible attacks (nearly) on his own.

As far as I understand, conclusion is that wpa3 is still stronger than wpa2. Regarding to manufacturer… the best for cheap router is to use openwrt or any other custom firmware. Actually, OpenWrt brings wpa3 to almost all supported routers, even cheap ones

Yeah well, I am not sure if wpa3 does make that much sense on old hw: https://forum.openwrt.org/t/wpa3-support-in-openwrt/10554/149 And yeah, there had been patches https://forum.openwrt.org/t/dragonblood-also-impacts-eap-pwd-used-in-wpa2/35071 - since then: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pulls?q=Dragonblood

Concerning stronger - well cipher & co yes but that hasn’t been WPA2’s problem. The WPA3 downgrade falls easier. So vs. well patches WPA2 devices (all - also clients!) I somewhat doubt that.

Thanks for that link, I was looking for clarification about old hardware. I purchased this router:

MTK MT7621AT 802.11AC 1200Mbps 5G Wireless WiFi Router USB Gigabit Ethernet LEDE OPENWRT Router Padavan 512MB Memory /32MB Flash

It’s cheap enough to buy for testing, shipped with Openwrt firmware and not bad mtk cpu

USB LAN dongle working intermittently has little to nothing to do with CoreELEC. That’s a power issue Currently your solution is an $5 adaptor.

Other than that, I still preffer wireless connection, one more cable does not make me happy

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