X96 1G - Screen appears Zoomed on Kodi

I have just created an SD card with the Generic CoreElec and booted using the toothpick method.
It booted in, but the screen was overzoomed… i checked the resolution in system and its set correctly to 1920x1080, is there any reason this would be happening?
I used the correct device tree file, and a usb remote controller\keyboard was working, the IR remote was not, but i will tackle that next.
I am upgrading from LibreElec.
Can anyone assist?
Apologies if this has been covered, but i have searched

Is it a fresh install or not?
If it’s not a fresh install try this:

I actually found inside Settings \ System (change to Expect mode) there is Video Calibration under Display. I was able to adjust it in there without SSH’ing in and modifying files.
thanks again tho.

Video Callibration is not a Fix.
It is an Adjustment you should not have to do.
Do yourself a favour and do what The Coolest told you to do.