X96 - Boot screen stuck

Dear CoreElec, users.

I have a little problem, uploaded the coreelec to SD CARD and put in my X96 1GB RAM / 8GB ROM device. and starting. first screen coreelec, Creating partiton etc etc. restart within 15 seconds. after restart coreelec logo screen, and stopping. after few minutes the device restarted. and again and again and again. i try some device tree file. but now worked.

I found a really fast error message on top, i make a slowest video to read. ( [DEPEND] Dependency failed for Amlogic OPTEE Video Firmware Preload Service )

Any one can help me ?

ibb co/F6W8j7W

Which version of CoreELEC did you try to install?

Entirely possible that it’s related to an issue with an incompatible version of Android, more specifically its bootloader. What Version of Android is currently installed on the box? If it is a version less than 7.1 you’ll need to upgrade the Android to make use of the bootloader to be able to boot CE NG versions.

If this is the case, this has been covered extensively in these forums. Here’s a link to a good place to start looking for info on the subject:


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I think you can ignore this one, it is also shown on my X96 MP box with latest build, like 19.5, but later it successfully booted. Maybe this is related to S905X4 AV1 decode, however earlier platform like S905X3 does not have this function, just guessing.

I successfully installed the CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2.8-Generic.img thanks :slight_smile: all other img not booted.

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