X96 Max fix SPDIF

Add 1.3K resistor between 3 pin led and com

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More details would be nice, this resistor fixes SPDIF ??

Yes, this resistor was experimentally selected using a variable resistor, until a digital signal was received on the receiver, and later replaced by a normal one with the same nominal value

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This spdif problem also occurs on my two x96max, it is a common problem! Thank you for your technical support! I am going to try to fix it!

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Hi there!
This is an older thread, I know - but unfortunately, I do have the same problem with my X96 Max+ Box (S905X3 4GB/64GB).
The layout seems to be a little bit different, but SPDIF and HDMI are still on the same position of the board right next to each other.

Before I get to the soldering action, I just wanted to make sure I am doing the right thing, since the resistor positions from @as_id and @leixixiang seem a little different to each other.

@as_id is bridging a tiny distance with an SMD resistor to a position I do not have on my board (?), while @leixixiang seems to be bridging to the HDMI port.

Am I right to bridge as follows on my board? (blue line):

All this area and pin hdmi has connect com/ground, because its the same

Thanks for your response! :slight_smile:

I am not sure I understand, what do you mean by “all this area”?
Did you solder directly onto the board? How is that possible?
Or did you scratch away a little bit of the isolation?

Yes, I scratched the isolation mask and soldered the place of soldering

Alright, thank you. :slight_smile:

I will solder to the HDMI pin, once I get the resistor.

This seems to have done the trick on my X96 Air - 1k3 resistor between the LED and Ground pins on the TOSLink connector.

Many thanks !

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