X96 Max Plus Q2 - WiFi doesn't work


I bought a new X96 Max Plus S905X3 device and got Q2 version. Apparently it’s similar to the previous version but with a different WiFi chip.
I installed CoreELEC on it but WiFI doesn’t work, probably missing drivers for this chip.
Is it possible to add support for it?
Thank you

CoreELEC:~ # udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/*
P: /devices/platform/ffe03000.sdio/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1
L: 0
E: DEVPATH=/devices/platform/ffe03000.sdio/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1
E: SDIO_ID=0271:050A
E: MODALIAS=sdio:c00v0271d050A

dmesg: http://ix.io/2Osu
lsmod: http://ix.io/2OsI

Same here, was about to post the same issue, hope will get support hehe

I have the identical issue with my new X96 box. Also, SOC is “unknown” - maybe there’s more than only the WiFi chip.

cat /proc/cpuinfo:
Serial : 2b0b0100011612000011363742595650
model name : Amlogic unkown_soc rev b
Hardware : Amlogic
Revision : 0400

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