X96 Max Plus Q2 - WiFi doesn't work

Same here, was about to post the same issue, hope will get support hehe

I have the identical issue with my new X96 box. Also, SOC is “unknown” - maybe there’s more than only the WiFi chip.

cat /proc/cpuinfo:
Serial : 2b0b0100011612000011363742595650
model name : Amlogic unkown_soc rev b
Hardware : Amlogic
Revision : 0400

I also have an X96 max plus Q2 box. This is their latest delivery configuration. It is the same as the problem mentioned above. I hope to get support from CE team.

Same problem.

Same. Anyone managed to fix it?

I assume the answer is “no”, so look what I’ve found:

That eric4gith guy says that the Q2 variant of X96 Max Plus is likely based on QCA6174A-3, which is supported by the ath10k driver, which in turn should be in the kernel by default:


It was first included in Linux 3.11-rc1 released on 2013-07-14.

Now I guess we only have to find/make some working dts… right?

It’s solved since 19.1-Matrix_rc4

Implemented Wifi driver QCA6174
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I am having the same issue. X96 Max Plus 4/64 running 19.2 rc2. No wireless or bluetooth. It has an FN-Link 6222B-SRB wireless ac and bluetooth module. The product page says it’s an RTL8822BS chipset. I tried running the command in Putty to get the info. But it returns “Unknown device “sys/bus/drip/devices/*”: No such device. Perhaps someone can help. This is a fresh, new install.

Can confirm, Wifi and BT work on 19.2 rc2 x96max plus q2 1000 mb, 4/32

Is there a chance, to getting work on CE 9.2.7?

I don’t think so, use CE-19.

Hi, I bought two X96 Max plus boxed recetly and I have the same issue. The wifi chip says it is rtl88x2bs. I tried to run CR 19.2 rc3. Sometimes the wifi and bt seems to be active but when I restart the device then they are not there.


It is obvious that X… devices (e.g. X96 Max Plus) are cheaper solution. And just say that this is cheap it won’t work is bullshit.
And I do not agree with Portisch that it is lottery. Those devices are ok and stable, but some parts vary in different releases.
Unfortunately full functionality relies on device drivers in CE releses. We need some smart guy who can invest time in developing of method how to inject correct drivers for X96 Max Plus support.

Yeah, what about those expensive boxes and SBC-s? Why do they have less issues running jEOS? Can’t figure why…

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Please feel free to invest your time on do research without the hardware, without support from vendor, without driver sources, with sometimes encrypted images,…

PRs are welcome!

And therefore not a lottery how?

You seem to be overlooking the fact that CE is an open source, community driven project piloted by programmers and enthusiasts who do this as a hobby and not for profit.

What I’m reading for your statement is that you expect someone to heroically step up pour untold amounts of time constantly developing towards the seemingly random Shenzen Market scrapings that feature quite heavily in these rock bottom devices so that YOU don’t have to spend too much money.

Why not put that enthusiasm to good use and get on with developing the workarounds you demand yourself? As far as I can see, each janky device they waste time developing functionality for takes time away time from genuinely meaningful developments in the platform.

Put on your programmer pants and/or show some respect.

I do not blaming anyone. You are reading my statement but understanding is not fully present here. :slight_smile:
I have no such skills to inject drivers into CE images.
So no programmer pants with me :wink:
BTW I have Odroid N+ for Kodi so no cheap crap. I’ve just enthusiastically solve issues of my not so solvent friends with these cheap devices.
After all, I’ve just checked latest release (CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.3-Matrix-Generic.img.gz) and WiFi support is there even for latest cheapest X96 boxes from Aliexpress :wink:

But did someone said it wasn’t!? The general problem is that this kind of devices are now produced with all kinds of wifi/BT chips due to the well known chip shortage problem. So it’s extremely difficult to fully support that kind of devices. In other hand, the vendors that support us, generally provide us all the information we need to properly support their devices and that sometimes benefits cheap devices. But it’s something that will not last forever because people turn to this cheap devices that provide zero support to CoreELEC (and we’re not referring to money).

To get an impression for everyone, here an incomplete overview of variations on the “X96 MAX PLUS”:
It’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. :wink:

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