X96 Max Plus remote STOP command

Got the same one as shown in the repo for the x96 max remote.conf.
Copied into sd card root :slight_smile:
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Works good as does the Windows one if you dont use remote.conf
But a few issues setting up long press etc.
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Added the VFD as per the VFD thread
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(oops…Note: this was for my other H96 pro box)
I have added what I needed to turn on and off, change red led to blue
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So my help needed is:
Has anyone found a code to add the the X96 max plus remote.conf to make the stop command work?

Use these as a reference find the correct key code and adjust the remote.conf file:


I had checked the 1st one. Even then I dont have a remote to read a STOP signal.
I have tried many remote.config’s and tried to use STOP codes from them but they are for the wrong box.
The built in codes do work on Media centre remotes with stop, I did find one and get it working using an old media centre HP remote but I had issues with other functions.
I havent found an remote for an X98 or H98 (orX96 air) than has a stop button.

The steps above show you how to capture the correct code and enter it into the remote.conf

That didn’t work for you?

Hi. Thanks for coming back :slight_smile:
I don’t have a remote with the correct code. All my remotes from my Android boxes work BUT dont have a STOP button.
I’m hoping someone has a brand that works and can post up their remote.conf.
OR am I doing it wrong?
I also tried the Kodi key catcher using other remotes but was a defeated exercise as those remotes didn’t work in the 1st place :frowning:

How can the stop command work if your remote doesn’t have a stop button?

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I know, thats why I am looking for one. The generic remote in the repo has all the functions but no Stop.
I was hoping someone has a box that uses the generic X96,H96, Air etc but has Stop on their remote.

Maybe this genus of Android boxes dont have a Stop function?

I still don’t understand what will you get out from someone else’s stop command.
Just dedicate a button on your remote to be used as stop.


Maybe I’m asking the wrong question.
All the Android remotes I’ve seen don’t have a stop button.
For starters has anyone got one that has?
If so I would like to try the codes in my unit to see if I can work out a Stop command for mine.

Do yourself a favor and stop (no pun intended ;)) your current search, install key map editor addon from the program add-ons in the Kodi repo, fire it up and assign STOP that way. Way faster :wink:

Good luck


I Did experiment there earlier. I will have another look, thanks for the re prompt :slight_smile:

Quick path to success: edit->full screen video ->playback->stop. After this press the key you want and back out. Don’t forget to save when asked.

Do the same for full screen livetv if you use a pvr

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OK. Got it.
Previously using key map editor didnt work. Reason was because it was conflicting with a known key on the remote. I didnt pick that up. Found one with a picture of a wheel that didnt seem to do anything so I mapped it.
Beuty… it took it and it worked to Stop vids. :slight_smile:
Using my Harmony hub smart remote I then learned it into the harmony remote.
Thanks for all the prompys from previous posters. It always pays to give every thing a 2nd go … ’
cheers Baz

IMHO Keymap editor is the best addon :slightly_smiling_face:

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