X96 max+ revision AI - ICPlus_IP1001 (lan is not working)

No, I mean burn the full firmware.
Replacing only the uboot may break Android or it may brick the box.

Please request the LAN driver source from your vendor.

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With bootloader from older box the problem is the same. :frowning:

I bump this, I have the same problem on ICPlus_IP1001M ethernet chipset


Please give us all a favor and DO NOT BUY ANY X… device!

I would expect support from trying to fix the problem. That can’t be that hard.
could this not be used?

Then please feel free to fix the driver and make a PR, thank you very much for your support.

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The driver was not updated to include IP1001M support.
The only thing you can do is ask box vendor for the source code.

Vendor is not responding. :frowning:

Not a big surprise…

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The vendor here told me he would get the IP1001M driver in a few days and bring it to me

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They gave me the file and I uploaded it in MEGA. I cannot say it would work but I’ve tried my best.

link: 83.6 KB file on MEGA

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Is this dtb usable as dtb.img in the root of CE sd/flash?

I’m not quite sure. But no worries 'cause I’ve made a contact with the manufacturer (Taiwan IC plus) and they would send the linux driver to me


Here it comes~ I called IC plus tech support and got this!

Filename is “IP1001M_Linux_v1.0_20130207.tar”


Can you please add provided driver to kernel for master branch? Thank you.

I am not sure, as the driver already exist:

When we just overwrite it maybe some other users do break…

please try this or at least some devel version for us


Please try this or at least some devel version for us. Old version of driver is from 2007, new version is from 2013. I suppose this new version covers every IC+ 1001 chips modifications.

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