X96 max+ revision AI - ICPlus_IP1001 (lan is not working)

There is a new piece of HW in this revision of this box (shipped from ALi in september). Lan adapter
Gigabit Ethernet: ICPlus_IP1001 and there is no driver in CE (lan is not working). Can you pls implement driver for this lan adapter. THX.

I don’t know what the problem is, but CE already supports this device.

Thanks for your quick reply. This is a new revision of the box marked as _AI (we have many of them working correctly with CE, but _AI is our first). In original android lan is working. We booted CE 19.2 (stable), wifi is working well, but in lan connection DHCP server is not working, appeared instead of 192.168.1… format in our internal lan. So we set up it manually in correct format with correct dns. After rebooting the box freezed in start logo until we unplug lan connector. We changed lan cable, booted CE 9.2.X, rebooted router and the result is the same. So lan connector is not damaged (working in android), lan specification is correct, internal lan working well. What could be the problem if lan driver is already in CE? Maybe there is some new in this revision of the box?

Thanks.There is a log http://ix.io/3AEN
IP is not set correctly. I think this is the driver problem with this new hw revision.

I think you have another network issue:
What are some IP addresses that might indicate I have a network problem?.

Looks the device does not get an ip from the DHCP server.

Yes, but under android in this box it is ok, ip is set correctly 192.168.1…, the problem is in CE only :(, thats why i mean, that this is the driver problem under CE in this new revision of hw.

Does it work properly in Android?

Set IP to DHCP.
SSH to box and run the following: ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full
Then check if the box gets a valid IP address.

If it can’t find ethtool, then you need to install Network Tools addon and reboot, then try it again.

Thanks. It works now, the lan adapter is only 100 mbits, right? It is fake gigabit adapter in this box.
Thanks a lot for your quick support and have a nice day. Sorry for my English.

It’s very likely that it’s a uboot problem. Some devices use a newer uboot with a bad ethernet configuration that doesn’t work properly with CE.

I don’t think it’s a fake device. This is most likely an issue with the PHY delay settings in RGMII mode.

By default, the config is set by Bootstrap, but overwritten by driver init. If wrong mode is selected, com will fail (in Gbit mode, timing is most critical).

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Ok,thx,any idea how to fix it pls?

The new Slimbox firmware for AI revision is out and lan works as gigabit.I flashed it with its new bootloader, but in CE lan is not working as gigabit.I suppose,that this is the problem of CE,not the bootloader.


Open the device and make a picture of the LAN SoC that it can be identified what really is assembled.

Hint: never, never buy any X… device!

Yes, there is ICPlus_IP1001M look in the middle.
I have a lot of these devices, all revisions are OK in CE, but this new with new lan is not.

That means the problem is with the newer uboot. If you can burn the previous firmware (that you have on the other devices), that could help.

OK, I have it, i can try. Is this correct?

dd if=/my_dir/bl301.bin of=/dev/bootloader conv=fsync bs=512
sync && reboot

No, I mean burn the full firmware.
Replacing only the uboot may break Android or it may brick the box.

Please request the LAN driver source from your vendor.

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With bootloader from older box the problem is the same. :frowning:

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