X96 max+ revision AI - ICPlus_IP1001 (lan is not working)

Gigabit Gigabit Ethernet: ICPlus_IP1001 and no driver in CE (lan not working). Can you implement the driver for this lan adapter? bluetooth detects it but does not allow pairing, THANKS. I have the X96 max+ AI review.

Hint: never, never buy any X… device!

By the dtb dump of @Borec1 it was possible to add a option in CoreELEC settings to enable IP1001 support. This option should be become available for sm1_s905x3 devices. Default setting is ‘n/a’ (not assembled). When set to ‘assembled’ gigabit LAN should start to work.

The option is supported since CoreELEC Nightly, 15.12.2021.


Unfortunately I have a similar problem. CoreElec Works OK but the speed of the wired connection is only:
ethtool eth0 | grep -i speed
Speed: 100Mb / s
Is my purchased (X96max+ 4/64) only 100Mb / s?
I used the sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit.dtb file and the CE starts up correctly but only 100Mb / s …

  2. try tomorrow with new nightly and with IP1001 enabled. Maybe it works
  3. If still not working send it back

If you got 100mbit right away and there was no problem with DHCP then you have a good revision. And either you bought a 100mbit device or you have the wrong cable or switch.

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Yes I know X96max + it was a bad choice :frowning:
but I will not return it anymore because it’s a waste of time.
On today’s CE: 19.4-Matrix_nightly_20211214
I don’t have the option: IP1001 Ethernet?

Ps. @Borec1 you are right !!! :heart_eyes:
I was sure about this cable and here is such a surprise.
Fortunately, I had another one and everything is fine now.
Sorry for the confusion
@Portisch thank you for your help
CereElec is great !

I confirm that X96m+ rev. AI with IC+1001M lan is working now as gigabit. Thanks a lot @pocitacnachate, @Borec and @Portisch.

Its Xmas present for a lot of holders of this box.

Great job!

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Wow, it’s a great news, now waiting the same fix for nexus nightly :grin::+1:

Nobody told me nightlies aren’t build anymore since 20211208

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Yes, it happens periodically…

Is it possible to backport this solution to CoreELEC 9.2.8? I’m still using this as my daily driver because of compatibility issues of some add-ons (and python 2.7).


Well, it’s not 31 december 2021 yet …

A small backported patch to support this hardware on 9.2.x could still be on the table

Then hurry up and get the PR ready to be merged!

In mean time I will go with my kids buying a Christmas tree.

Thanks for the tip Portisch and enjoy your well deserved quality time with your kids!

I don’t have the skills to merge a PR unfortunately to create a new patched version of CE 9.2.x. Who could help me out please??


which CE version are you talking about?

I have the same tv box and I really appreciate your help to make it work.


Already a big thanks for the offer. It would really save my precious setup!

I’m running my X96 Max Plus box on CoreELEC 9.2.8 (Kodi 18).