X96 mini freezing

Hello, i bought x96 mini s905w 2gb ram 2 months ago from gearbest. (it’s not a fake one, it actually has 2gb ram). For some reason this device is freezing from time to time. At first i thought that overheating causes it, but it doesn’t. Sometimes it freezes just 10 minutes after using. Also it depends on the program. Some programs uses less resources, so it freezes much less often.

For example with app smart iptv (https://siptv.app/news/) it freezes after around 20 minutes. With halva tv player it takes around 4 hours. Also with smart iptv there is visible stuttering. (fps drops)

I have tried changing display resolution to 1080p50. (the channels that i watch use 1080p25). I only want to use this device to watch full hd iptv. I could even install linux if this could help.

I have also tried https://www.atvxperience.com/ rom, but it didn’t helped.

With coreelec, libreelec or alexelec it’s even worse than android. It has visible stuttering (fps drops) and it freezes just after 5-10 minutes. (even when using 1080p25 resolution)

I tried using usb drive, sd card. Installed with rufus, Win32DiskImager. It still has same issues. I guess there is something wrong with amlogic codec on this device. When i tried to run non hd channels it seems that there is no stuttering.

Maybe i should try different dtb? I always use gxl_p281_2g

Maybe my x96 mini has updated hardware and the dtb is created for older version?

Try these Settings…

i’m already using default settings, but i will try Disable noise reduction and deinterlacing. Thanks!

Also i forgot to mention that I already had this issue in kodi 17.6. Also i’m using IPTV Simple Client.

after disabling noise reduction and deinterlacing. It seems that it fixed stuttering issues. (It’s probably not the right word) Every 5 seconds there is a weird frame from the past. Like the video plays fine but sometimes random frame appears out of nowhere.

But after disabling these functions, the video is a bit blurry.

Unfortunately, due to the deinterlacing deactivation, the video is blurry., but without it, and on my X96 mini, it also freezes over time. So with this until you have to put up! I can not say anything about the missing frame, because I use the same device tree as you and I do not have this effect. Maybe you need to try another previous version of CE.
And one more question:Do you have a Crayzy-Cat driver installed?

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never heard about Crayzy-Cat driver. Does it improve anything?

my box is running 30 minutes already after disabling noise reduction and deinterlacing. It was never running for so long with kodi. I spent like 10 hours trying to fix this on my own. Thank you very much!

Here is some info about СrazyCat!

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Hi All,
my X96 is rebooting immediately after starting Kodi.
how can i collect logs from CE to see what is happening?

thank you.

I would try the dtb for 1gb. All boxes i tested were 1gb. Maybe your problem is there.