X96 X4 - S905X4 based box - any success?

From the SD/USB, enabling the network card did not work either, from Android honestly if I did not get to try

I leave some screenshots of the error that it gives me, I have investigated a bit but I have not finished carrying out the tests

in case something occurs to you

eth0 up

I found how to put android back but I think it’s not worth the risk as long as it works for me over wifi

For now put Android back on internal.

Test all functions on Android
Sometimes you need data from Android to configure CoreELEC
Like VFD config

Make a clean install SD/USB CoreELEC

Leave CoreELEC on external SD/USB
Depending on Media the read write speeds are not that much slower…

Continue to test CoreELEC on external

Once you have working CoreELEC with correct dtb
Remote config
VFD config
All functions etc…

Then maybe send to internal

This is what i would do.

Good luck

Happy Testing


GPU- Mali-G31
Soc Amlogic Meson SC2 S905x4/C2
Board Ohm
USB stick Kingston DTSE9 8Gb
sysOS 20.0 Nexus
Linux v. 5.4.125

1.First i used balenaETCHER for Mac to make an image.
2. * Terminal Emulator: boot into Android, insert the CoreELEC prepared SD / USB, install Terminal Emulator app (either from Google Play or APKMirror), run it and type reboot update. Your device should reboot into CoreELEC.

First time come to a screen:
filesystem corruption has been detected
to prevent an automatic repair attempt continuing,
press any key … 120 sec.

Not knowing what to do, took electricity cable out.
Second try come to the same screen.
This time by accident, after 120seconds IT DID boot into Coreelec.
After that, any given time did boot it directly into CE-Kodi.

I was positive suprised by welcome screen od selecting wifi spot, but i have choosen for UTP.
So i did not tested.

SMB-CIFS works wel. Finding miniDLNA as wel. Only problem, dlna from OpenMediaVault does not in some case`s wana to use .srt files. In case of smb, there is no problem.
But i prefer NFS protocol for watching media from OMV as on another mediaplayer M8s-II who passed away.

In Kodi, when i press on NFS button to make a contact with OMV, it`s just get jammed.
A bug or whatever, do not know.
BUT, there is another way:

+add videos-browse-> zeroconf browser= NFS acc. is vissible.

Remote control was not useble according tree file i have used.
But mouse with a reciver helped for time beaning.
In posts above, have used remote.conf(remote.vontarx4_hk1x4) wich works great. There is only one button that gives no option as before, but still reachable via “OK”.

Forgot to mention, front LED panel is not working. But in my case, even beter.Its allredy annoing having living led collors arround.

About movies and transfer, nothing to complain(speaking about NFS). Allready tested a broad kind of formats. No hitch at all. A specialy UHD.According to router 3000kb/s +/-

However there is a small complain if any. If is a movie or episode on pause for a longer time(my kiddo loves to do that) after pressing a play, video stutters. After pressing stop and play again, no problem at all.

About treefile, i have used that NOT on the pic. is.


U have made a great job!!!


Ps. Still to ask, if i change a tree file, do i get remote useable?

the highlighted key (@) seems not working. Normally this button works to show Player Info during video playback. Also tried with keymap editor, this key cannot be programmed as it is not detecting it.

Is it due to remote.conf?? Any better conf file for this remote??

Found out 3 buttons not working with attached remote.conf (attached)
remote_2.conf (2.6 KB)

Later I try SSH to see the system behaviour while pressing those button.
dmesg return are below:

@ button
[ 576.161004@2] meson-ir fe084040.meson-remote: scancode 82 undefined
[ 576.161017@2] meson-ir fe084040.meson-remote: no valid key to handle

<< Previous button
[ 666.320341@2] meson-ir fe084040.meson-remote: scancode 85 undefined
[ 666.320356@2] meson-ir fe084040.meson-remote: no valid key to handle

>> Next button
[ 709.289212@2] meson-ir fe084040.meson-remote: scancode 84 undefined
[ 709.289228@2] meson-ir fe084040.meson-remote: no valid key to handle

How I can alter my remote.conf to make this 3 buttons work? Please teach

Hi is there some solution for fix Bluetooth on this box ?
All works good but Bluetooth “No adapter found” probably bad driver for this X96X4 Box

If the WiFi+BT chip used in the box is from Amlogic, then BT will not work as there is no linux driver released by Amlogic

Atleast the WiFi works because of the great work done by CE team in developing the aml-w1 driver GitHub - CoreELEC/w1-aml: Amlogic W150S1

No solution until Amlogic releases the linux driver, and usually with Amlogic, this may never happen

My remote has same problem.
It is this one:

The buttons in first row (APP,KD,Mouse) also doesn’t work, but maybe can be remapped in CoreELEC for other use, plus one other button.
meson-remote fe084040.meson-remote: scancode 65 undefined
also scancode 0, 15, 68 undefined

My X96x4 rev 1.3 has realtek WLAN/BT chip and works.
It is kind of a lottery which chips are in this box for WLAN/BT and LAN.

I recently bought the X96 Ultra with x905x4.

The name of the board when I open it says “bm825_141 v1.3 21272”.

I’ve managed to boot with CoreELEC-Amlogic-ne.arm-20.1-Nexus-Generic.img.

The one that worked was Generic device s905x4 with DTB sc2_s905x4_4g.

The 1Gbit version also worked but only after reboot.

The CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-21.0-Omega_nightly_20230603-Generic.img ends in endless reboot.

All are incapable of configuring the HDMI and displaying anything. The only connection is the serial port and later the Ethernet (Though I can see Wireless but haven’t configured that).

CoreElec-no-screen.log (143.8 KB)

CoreElec-no-screen-1gbit.log (168.8 KB)

CoreElec-ng-boot-loop.log (127.0 KB)

The stock Android 11 is able to boot and display stuff over HDMI.

Any idea what to change in the DTS or kernel config?

Hello again. Now i tried to copy a configuration file from android and modify it.
In lines below # is modified setting.
I remapped @ Button to Keyboard o for codec information,
and Previos Button to Skip backward on Keyboard , , and Next Button to Skip forward on Keyboard . .
But you can change every button on remote with other functions:


What keyboard_controls would be best setting for remaining buttons?
remote.conf (1.4 KB)

Maybe try with Amlogic-ng build 20.1, which i currently use on this device.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve flashed the ‘CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-20.1-Nexus-Generic.img’ image to the board.

The 1gbit version just stops and does not reboot nor displays anything.
sc2_s905x4_4g_1gbit.log (17.6 KB)

The 100M version reboots.
sc2_s905x4_4g.log (36.3 KB)

There’s are few errors that I don’t understand.

  • There are some unknown errors
read_ao no reg:0x11
write_ao no reg:0x11[cec_get_wakeup_info1]: info=0x0
read_ao no reg:0x12
write_ao no reg:0x12[cec_get_wakeup_info2]: info=0x0
AOCPU unknown cmd=20
AOCPU unknown cmd=20
disable wdt
AOCPU unknown cmd=20
AOCPU unknown cmd=20
  • The other issue is that the rootfs is not mounted or created. This causes the reboot.
    Are we resizing the rootfs after boot? Shouldn’t it look at the SD card at the second partition?
[    1.118069@1]- Failed to create /dev/root: -2
[    1.118314@1]d Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to      mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
[    1.119031@1]d SMP: stopping secondary CPUs
[    1.119508@1]d Kernel Offset: disabled
[    1.119964@1]d Memory Limit: none
[    1.124786@1]d Rebooting in 5 seconds..

EDIT: When I mount the second partiton it contains only .please_resize_me

this is same case as mine. v21 works

Can you check your SD-Card if it is flawless?
You can read all blocks in with dd command or hdtune.

In your logfile, there is one error:

## Executing script at 00020000
Bad data crc

So the file you copied onto it may have an error.

Thanks. The v21 NG version works for me.

I get HDMI working as well as Audio. The videos are also accelerated using the vdec.

Wifi and bluetooth are not working but I was expecting that with the K255B-SR chipset.

Strange thing, it works on my X96_x4 box, then.
But i did not a fresh install back then, i did an update inside CoreELEC from 20 ng nightly to 20.1 ng nightly and then to latest stable 20.1 ng, and that did work.

Maybe installation file on server is corrupt, i don’t know.

Kernel version is:
Linux version 4.9.269 (portisch@ubuntu) (gcc version 12.2.0 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Mar 16 15:12:39 CET 2023


Btw any idea how to control the LED Ring?

It stays on and would be cool to turn it of for the night. I have the box open so it’s easy to just unplug it.

From what I can tell there are 4 wires and Rx, Tx pins so it probably communicates over UART.

Since it shows the same pattern the LED driver chip has definitely some memory.

Found out that the APK which changes the patterns is com.feng.marqueectrl.

I there a project to control them?

Or should I allocate some time to decompile the APK or just sniff the serial communication using signal analyzer?

Also I expect each box can have different controller, right?

I can just disable it in Android for the night and the reactivate it but that would require to switch the OS. And would be neat to completely ditch Android :smiley:

Look for any chip marking which actually controls led.

Looks like some ARM MCU CX32L003F8

So it will be some custom protocol probably.

There’s also the DAT and CLK which will be signals for the LED strip.