[X96air] with realtek wifi 8189FTV

I recently got my tv box, and it is a X96air 2GB+16GB+2.4G Wi-Fi. The Wifi chip is 8189FT,V I have verified it and it works perfectly fine.

My question is what it would take to get the wifi chip to work with newer kernel versions or for e.g. other Linux distros?

What i can see is that in a recent release 19.1-Matrix_rc2 RTL8188FTV-aml driver was added.
In the dtb I can see this config: compatible = “amlogic, aml_wifi”;
The aml_wifi seem kinda generic how does that refer to the correct driver?

I guess what i would need to make this work is:

  • Add a driver like the one mentioned above.
  • Create a proper dtb to select the driver.

correct me if im wrong.

Thank you for the good work!

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