x96Max 2/16 No WIFI, No 1000M ethernet

I recently received what is advertised as an x96Max 2G/16G with gigabit ethernet.

Using g12a_s905x2_2g_1gbit.dtb I get no eth0 but CE does show wireless available, but fails to find any access points.

Using g12a_s905x2_2g.dtb I get eth0 with 100M connection (as expected) but no wifi adapter.

Does this sound familiar and is there a fix currently?

Logs from device running g12a_s905x2_2g.dtb -

dmesg - http://ix.io/1XK4
kodi log - http://ix.io/1XK5

dtb.img extracted from android -

The x96 max 2 / 16GB I think only 100MBit Lan

I think that used to be the case, but why would the CE devs include a 1000M dtb in the release? I need to boot into android and verify that the box does indeed have the hardware, but I’m pretty sure it’s simply a software issue. I was hoping the devs would be familiar with the problem, but it’s not looking like it based on the lack of responses.

We included the 1gbit DTB just to cover all our bases. These are generic DTBs, not specific to X96Max.
If non-1gbit DTB works, it very likely means that you have a 100M LAN box, not 1Gbit.
You can boot up Android and test throughput with iperf.

Sounds similar to my device on which I have

no wifi, but works properly in Android
100Mb/s wired (correct)
no display - all segments dead, but works properly in Android
Is your display showing anything?

As we seem to be the only two with this device it is unlikely that any further effort will be put into trying to find solution for these problems.
Yes a considerable amount of effort went into this some time ago.

Yep, sounds the same. No wifi, no display, 100M only.

I don’t need wifi and I don’t care about the display. However, the lack of gigabit ethernet is a deal breaker because that is the primary upgrade over my old s905x x96 box.

I guess this one is going back to the seller.

The x96 max 4/64GB and 4/32GB has 1G Lan. I have the 4/64GB and Coreelec works very well.

It is good that you can return it … I couldn’t even if I wanted to as it performed perfectly in Android.

I am a bit relieved that you posted with the same problems, as I was alone here with this, and it began to look like I was losing my marbles or had a completely duff box.

As posted above the 4G model works well with CE. :wink:

I have a suspicion you won’t be alone for long, I’m seeing more and more of the 2/16 1000M boxes popping up for < $40.

The OP is about the 2G models of this device.
There are other threads dealing with the 4G models.

I suggest the thread heading should be edited to reflect this for clarity.

When I bought it I expected and received a 100M device.
Although there was always the ‘possibility’ it could be 1000M as at that time the advertisements were very confusing.
Maybe they still are :smiley:

I think there are a lot of badly described eBay sites for the x96. If you go up the chain (ie. AliExpress/AliBaba) you find the following:

There are 3 options for X96 Max:

  • 2GB+16GB+2.4G Wifi+100M (No Bluetooth)
  • 4GB+32GB+2.4G&5GHz Dual Wifi+1000M+BT4.x
  • 4GB+64GB+2.4G&5GHz Dual Wifi+1000M+BT4.x

Eg. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32897576307.html

By comparison the H96 max X2 has better WiFi for 2/16, but no gigabit at all
And you need to avoid the Rockchip H96 Max

Seems similar spec differentiation in most of the S905X2 releases, so be careful buying 2/16 and check multiple sources

The new X96 Air with the S905X3 seems to have no gigabit at all.


Is this new s905x3 X96 Air working with CoreELEC? What is working and what not yet?

Thanks for the info.